UK-wide Car Repairs - Fixing Car problems throughout the UK

UK-wide Car Repairs - Fixing Car problems throughout the UK is the number one website for helping customers who have problems with their vehicle get back on the road. We work with the best UK garages to ensure you get a quality service at a fair price for parts and labour required to fix your car when things go wrong. From mobile mechanics to provide assistance at the roadside to tyre and exhaust specialists and diagnostics experts to find out what’s wrong with your family vehicle, our reputable local garages have the answer.

Break Downs

Car problems are an unfortunate inconvenience that many people can experience each year. Whether you’ve broken down and need a prompt and friendly service from a mobile tyre fitter or mechanic, or need recovery to transport your car to a garage for parts replacement, our easy to use service can put you in touch with an experienced mechanic who can meet your needs. You could even be stuck on your driveway and unable to get to a local garage – our experienced mobile mechanics can assist you.

Servicing and Maintenance

Regular vehicle maintenance can help prevent larger, more expensive problems occurring with your car. Servicing should be carried out regularly in line with vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines, but should certainly occur at least annually, with this increasing in frequency if you do higher annual mileage rates.

Clunking, Knocking and Bumping Noises

When your car starts to make unusual noises, judder, clunk or knock, seeking advice from an experienced local garage as soon as possible is a wise move. Leaving vehicular problems unchecked can cause them to worsen, and can even cause damage to other components under the bonnet or in your car, leading to higher repair bills which are never welcome.


Every car aged 3 or older must be MOT-ed annually. MOTs require vehicles to meet standards and pass certain requirements in order to be certified as road worthy. Aspects such as vehicle emissions, tyres, brakes, steering and suspension are checked and any failures will need to be addressed before the vehicle can be given an MOT certificate and approved to continue being driven.


Many cars and vehicles require diagnostic tests to be carried out in order to ascertain the problem with the engine and vehicle operation. Cars can be linked up to a diagnostic machine which then checks the vehicle to locate problems such as with sensors that control air flow into the engine to enable optimal engine performance. Repairs can then be carried out by reputable garages to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Learn How To Drive

Newcastle upon Tyne based Smiles Better Tuition can offer driving school courses to suit you. Whether you’ve just turned 17 or have been thinking about learning to drive for a number of years, their dedicated instructors can set you on the path to test success.

Van Hire Repairs

We can find garages for all kinds of vehicles including cars and Vans. If you went for van hire, then the company you hired it from will probably cover an repair bills. is a good choice for van hire.