Body work in Grimsby

Grimsby alloy wheel restoration services

Cars with alloy wheels rather than standard Alfa romeo rims and hub caps can have greater road presence, no matter what car model you drive, from KIAs to Mercedess.

Different rim depth and spoke arrangements are on offer when choosing alloy wheels, including different colour options like black and silver, and a range of sizes to suit any vehicle.

Damaged alloy wheels unfortunately happen for a number of reasons, largely due to exposure to the elements whilst driving.

Grit and salt spread on roads can corrode alloys, whilst bubbling in the edge of the metal can ruin the effect your alloy wheels create.

Alloys can also be dented or kerbed when your car is being parked, and textures can be spoilt by scratched sections or scuffs.

Grimsby alloy restoration services can be provided to repair wheels through painting, shot blasting and filling to refurbish alloys completely that ensure your car's tyres look good.

Carrying out repairs to Toyota bumpers in Grimsby

At both the front and back of every vehicle is a bumpers, therefore bumpers are the primary place on a vehicle to be hit and damaged in an accident and collides with road furniture or other cars. If you're lucky, only minor damage will be caused, for example, denting or small dings, paint scuffs on co-ordinated bumpers or scratches.

More serious damage from larger, harder impacts can include causing splitting or cracking of the bumper. Grimsby reliable garages can offer services for quality body work repairs by replacing bumpers too damaged for repair, and where damaged areas are smaller, carrying out surface restoration using filler and paint to match manufacturer paint colours.

Grimsby paintwork repairs

Most people's cars are their pride and joy, so coming across chipped paintwork would be a real disappointment.

Additionally, cars with damaged paintwork on the body can be worth less, so getting paintwork repairs done is one way of ensuring your vehicle's value is maintained.

Both passing cars and general driving on roads can result in chips in paintwork, when grit and stones collide with metal panels whilst you're driving along roads.

Scuffed or scratched vehicle parts can result from accidental damage in Grimsby and any part of your car can be affected, from doors to wings, boots to bumpers.

Vandalism damage such as key marks and scratches can be removed, to give a seamless paint finish.


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