Brakes and Clutches in Canterbury

Vehicle braking systems

Brakes are the reverse vehicle system to clutches, insofar as they stop the momentum of a vehicle. Cars have two types of brakes - service brakes and hand brakes. When cars are parked, the hand brake is activated, whilst the foot brake reduces speed when moving.

To apply service brakes, the driver pushes the pedal towards the floor in the foot well on the driver's side of the vehicle. This makes pistons inside the brake calliper press against the brake disc on the wheel creating friction to slow the car down, by making the car's kinetic energy to heat that the surrounding air then cools. If your brakes aren't functioning properly, take your vehicle to a garage in Canterbury.

Skoda braking system parts

Brakes comprise of many parts, but most are hidden behind the hub caps are alloy wheels. Callipers on many sports cars are often coloured however making them stand out from the disc.

You find drum brakes on back wheels of cars where the parking brake activates brake shoe activations which then secures the vehicle when stopped on an incline or parked. Brake discs and callipers are located on the front wheels, and work when the service brake is pressed.

The disc is rubbed against by the pistons in the calliper when hydraulic fluid or air is compressed in your KIA brake hoses or Volvo brake pipes. Consult a professional Canterbury mechanic should you have any questions regarding brake parts.

Vehicle clutch problems

In the years that you possess your Mercedes, you may experience problems with your car's clutch. If you hear sounds such as growling or squealing noises, speaking to a Canterbury clutch specialist is recommended to prevent other damage being inflicted. Clutch chatter is another problem your car could suffer from, that a range of problems can be responsible for, however they don't all mean a replacement clutch will be required.

Bent or broken drive straps, worn pilot bearings or burnt linings, a loose clutch cover or transmission cross members could explain the noise coming from your clutch. Another commonly experienced problem is clutch slipping and this is often caused by oil that has leaked, which then coat the faces of the clutch. Other common reasons for slipping are cup or step flywheels that are misaligned or there could be a blockage in the master cylinder.


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