Brakes and Clutches in Carrickfergus

Braking system components

Many components are found inside car brake systems however it is difficult to see most of them because of alloys and hub caps covering the wheel.

Brake callipers on many sports cars however tend to be coloured so they are easier to see against the wheel.

You find drum brakes on back wheels of cars and are controlled by the hand brake, which activates brake shoe activations which hold the vehicle steady on a hill or when parked.

The callipers and brake discs are attached to the front wheels, and are activated through pressing the foot brake.

The pistons are pushed onto the disc if air or hydraulic brake fluid pressure increases in hoses and pipes in the brake system.

Consult a professional Carrickfergus mechanic to examine or replace your vehicle's brake parts.

Failed clutches in Carrickfergus

It is unlikely that you will be able to drive your car if you have a clutch failure as you'll be unable to change gear and your car will be stuck in neutral or a specific gear. You might therefore require a recovery vehicle so your Mitsubishi can be towed to a Carrickfergus garage who can replace the clutch.

Because the engine and transmission have to be separated to allow installation of a replacement clutch, large amounts of labour are needed, which can mean bills for car repairs are not cheap. This is the main reason why when you suspect a clutch problem, it is always worthwhile to ensure the clutch is causing the vehicle problem before a replacement clutch is fitted.

Why cars have clutches

Clutches are only present on manual vehicles. Cars can only be put into a higher or lower gear if the clutch pedal, found nearest the passenger side out of the control pedals, is depressed.

A linking hydraulic connection that runs from the pedal to the mechanism of the clutch which moved the clutch plates apart by pushing the clutch foot pedal, allowing different gears or reverse to be chosen with the gear knob. When releasing the clutch pedal too quickly before gear selection is complete, it will grind, and the friction can create clutch damage.

Ensuring smooth clutch release once gear changes have been engaged is required to ensure a comfortable journey. Contact a garage in Carrickfergus for all clutch queries.

Break failure

Any system in your vehicle can become faulty, however when you're worried about brake performance, it is wise to seek advice as a matter of urgency from a Carrickfergus garage. Brakes on Saabs can require a number of repairs, from replacing brake pads which prevents scoring on brake discs that friction and rubbing can cause, to filling up fluid in hydraulic brakes and Servo servicing. Vacuum and air brake systems will require pressure checks at regular intervals as well as checking reservoirs for cracks and topping up as required.

Saab vehicle brakes

A clutch's opposite vehicle component is the braking system, due to them slowing and stopping vehicles.

Cars are fitted with two sorts of brakes: parking brakes and service brakes.

Handbrakes are applied when a vehicle is stationary, and the foot brake slows your car when driving on the road.

To apply service brakes, the driver pushes the pedal towards the floor in the driver's foot well.

The brake calliper contains pistons which then make contact with the disc of the brake and the friction slows the vehicle, which is achieved by making kinetic propulsion energy to heat energy which passing air then cools.

If your brakes aren't functioning properly, make sure you consult the expertise of a Carrickfergus garage.


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