Brakes and Clutches in Hereford

The brakes on your Chrysler

Brakes work to provide the opposite function to clutches, because they slow vehicles down.

Two types of brakes are found on cars - handbrakes and service brakes.

Parking brakes are used when a car has stopped or is parked, whilst the foot brake reduces speed when moving.

The service brake is applied if the brake pedal is depressed in the foot well on the driver's side of the vehicle.

Pistons inside the calliper then rub against the disc of the brake and the vehicle is slowed down by the friction this creates, by making the car's kinetic energy into heat that passes into air around the wheels.

If your brakes aren't functioning properly, contact a garage in Hereford as soon as possible.

What is a clutch?

Manual transmission vehicles have clutches. Gear changes can be made if the pedal, which is furthest left in the foot well on the driver's side, has been pushed down. A cable or hydraulic connection running from the clutch pedal directly to the clutch mechanism which parts the clutch plate facings when the clutch pedal is pressed, enabling you to choose alternative gears by putting the gear stick into the relevant position.

If the clutch is released before a gear is selected grinding can occur which can damage the clutch. Raising the clutch pressure gradually once gear changes have been engaged is how jerking can be prevented. Should you experience clutch problems, contact a Hereford garage.

Hyundai braking system parts

There are lots of components in brakes, but most are hidden behind the hub caps are alloy wheels.

Brake callipers on many sports cars however tend to be coloured making them stand out from the disc.

You find drum brakes on back wheels of cars in which the hand brake triggers the brake shoes if on a gradient or parked up.

Callipers and discs are found on the front wheels of a car, and are called the 'road brake', which is controlled using the foot pedal.

The disc is rubbed against by the pistons in the calliper if air or hydraulic brake fluid pressure increases in the brake hoses or pipes.

Seek the guidance of a reliable Hereford garage should you have any questions regarding brake parts.

Faults that may arise with Seat braking systems

Faults can occur with any part of your car, however when you're worried about brake performance, you should get advice from a reputable Hereford garage immediately. Mercedes brakes can require a number of repairs, such as brake pad replacement to stop brake disc damage caused by rubbing and friction, to topping up hydraulic fluid and checking for collapsed or chafing in Servos.

Air brake and vacuum systems will need the pressure checking at regular intervals as well as checking reservoirs for cracks and topping up as required.


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