Diagnostics in

What can diagnostic assessments check?

Using diagnostics can check if your vehicle has any problems, from checking that your car's components are not running inefficiently to finding out when problems exist with vehicles.

From air temperature monitoring to RPM checking, ensuring there are no faults with air con and air bag systems to finding out what ECUs a vehicle has installed, a knowledgeable mechanical engineer can check your vehicle with fixed diagnostic apparatus or with a diagnostic scanner that is hand held.

Readers are connected to vehicles using an EOBD connector and resulting read outs, that can be printed off when diagnostics are computer based, advise the garage of the vehicle problems that have been found and need to be resolved.

Experts at vehicle diagnosis in can assist with car problems

When engine fault lights are lit, giving indication that a problem exists with your car, diagnostics can be used by experienced garages in to locate the vehicle problem. Warning lamps don't always show, but a diagnostic program can be used to check onboard computer functionality and can track down what is causing your car trouble, from pinging sounds when accelerating, or your car loses power whilst driving. Cancelling error codes can be handled by diagnostics expert, who can also check malfunction indicator lamp statuses, which often can be rectified with adjustments to the ECU as opposed to replacing vehicle parts, so it can be more cost effective than you'd expect to solve your car problem.

Information output analysis from activators and measured values

Diagnostics also look at systems controlled by activators and measured values. Live vehicle stats information is shown from measured values on program displays when readers are used to check vehicle systems in .

Functions covered include battery voltage, engine speed, oxygen sensor information and coolant temperatures. The activator test is used to check activators are working properly.

Fuel pump controls, both cutting off supplies and starting up the pump are activator controlled, as are locking and unlocking doors and locking the wheel.


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