Diagnostics in Canterbury

Vehicle components run by ECUs

Constant vehicle technology improvements are being made and built in computers are managing more functions and features. As a result, diagnostics are becoming more and more important when faults occur. ECUs control many functions, including sun roof control units and adaptive cruise control, airbag and seat control units.

Vehicles also often have electronically controlled brakes, so if your brakes are being serviced, callipers often need to be released using a diagnostics machine. Trained Canterbury garage mechanics have the ability to carry out diagnostics to test your car computer.

Land rover diagnostic services can be provided by Canterbury mechanics

If engine management lamps are lit on your dashboard, indicating a problem with your vehicle, Canterbury garage specialists can run diagnostic tests to source the issue. Warning lamps don't always show, however using a diagnostic program to check functions in an on board computer will enable detection of the underlying issue, whether your engine makes a knocking sound, or power and performance is diminished.

Fault codes can be cancelled by experts at diagnostics, in addition to extinguishing engine fault lights, which they can frequently solve with small on board computer amendments as opposed to replacing vehicle parts, which makes it that repairing your vehicle doesn't have to be as expensive.

Vehicle function reprogramming in Canterbury

Following repairs to a car in Canterbury, adjustment to the electronic control unit might be needed, e.g. Following replacement of a faulty control unit.

Adjustments to other features can also be required on occasion to stop error lamps showing on the dashboard. Example functions that fall into this category are body control units, air bags and immobilisers.

Whilst malfunction indicator lamps can mean sensors or monitors in the engine have problems, it's not always the case. Making an adjustment to the system covering engine management could provide the answer to your diagnostic issues.

Testing activator systems measured values

Two further vehicle aspects tested by diagnostic assessments are activators and measured values. Information from measured value outputs is shown on displays of equipment whenever diagnostic readers are utilised to undertake vehicle analysis in Canterbury. Functionality shown covers battery voltage engine speed RPM, feedback from sensors for oxygen intake and coolant temperatures.

Activator functions are checked by the activator test. Fuel pump controls, both cutting off supplies and starting up the pump are activator controlled, as are locking and unlocking doors and locking the wheel.

Skoda vehicle faults can be identified with diagnostic assessments

From ensuring ignition timing is correct to monitoring oxygen sensors ensuring efficient operation of engines, monitoring electronic brakes to checking control units for sunroof and electric door operation, many problems can be identified using vehicle diagnostics. Despite no engine warning lights being illuminated, there could still be a problem with your car, therefore asking a Canterbury garage to undertake a diagnostic analysis can allay and concerns and give you the opportunity to solve the vehicle issue.


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