Diagnostics in Carrickfergus

Information output analysis from activators and measured values

Other diagnostic analysis includes looking at system activators and values that are measured.

Measured values are shown as live data on display screens whenever diagnostic readers are utilised to undertake vehicle analysis in Carrickfergus.

Features displayed include speed of the engine and voltage of the battery, coolant temperature and information from oxygen sensors.

Testing adequate activator functionality is done with an activator test.

Activator controls include cutting off the fuel pump, locking of both the steering wheel and the vehicle doors.

Adjusting ECU systems in Carrickfergus

After repair work has been carried out on a car in Carrickfergus, reconfiguration of functions may be required, such as when new control units have to be installed. In addition, other features may need adapting to clear fault lights displayed on your dash. Examples of these functions are immobilisers, alarms, airbags and the body control unit.

Though error lights may identify areas where monitors and sensors are broken or not operating correctly, it might not mean an expensive repair is needed. Making an adjustment to the system covering engine management can sometimes extinguish the light and solve the problem.

What can Carrickfergus diagnostic assessments check?

A wide range of vehicle issues can be checked for using diagnostics, from monitoring systems in your vehicle to ensure they are running as they should to locating issues that need addressing. From checking temperature of air intake to testing engine speed, confirming that systems for air conditioning and air bags are in working order to locating on board electronic control units in a vehicle, you can get your car's health checked by a reputable Carrickfergus mechanic using diagnostic equipment that stands alone or can use a portable scanner. Diagnostic readers are plugged into your vehicle via a vehicle EOBD connection and the results, which can be printed when diagnostics are computer based, inform the mechanic of issues that exist and need fixing.

Carrickfergus specialists at vehicle diagnostics assist with

If engine management lamps are lit on your dashboard, telling you your car is not running properly, local garages in Carrickfergus can use vehicle diagnostics to find out what's wrong.

Engine fault lights won't always be illuminated when cars have problems, but you can use diagnostics to check any ECUs, which will allow the cause of the problem to be detected, whether it's a knocking sound in the engine when accelerating or your car loses power whilst driving.

Error codes can be reset by a diagnostics specialist, in addition to extinguishing engine fault lights, by carrying out minor onboard computer adjustments negating the need to replace components, so it's not always as expensive to rectify as you might think.

Errors with MGs that diagnostic tests can find

From monitoring timing of ignition function to tracking air intake to make sure engines run efficiently, ensuring electronic brake systems are working effectively to checking control units for sunroof and electric door operation, a wide range of issues can be found with diagnostics. Although your engine management indicators might not be on, your car could still have an issue, so getting a Carrickfergus mechanic to run a diagnostic assessment can address any worries and enable the vehicle problem to be solved.

Vehicle components run by ECUs

Technology for cars is always improving and built in features are increasingly controlled by onboard computers. Diagnostics are needed when things go wrong for that reason. Electronic control units handle a wide range of functions, including sun roof control units and adaptive cruise control, airbag and seat control units.

Electronic controls often cover brake systems too, therefore in order to service brakes, releasing of the brake callipers will be required but this can be achieved using diagnostic equipment. Garages in Carrickfergus will have the necessary knowledge to run diagnostic tests via your vehicle's computer.


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