Diagnostics in Blackmore

Diagnostic problems with Alfa romeos that assessments can identify

From checking ignition timing to oxygen sensor checking ensuring efficient operation of engines, ensuring electronic brake systems are working effectively to testing control units for doors and sunroofs, a wide range of issues can be found with diagnostics. Even if you don't have any engine management lights showing, your vehicle may still not be operating properly, therefore asking a Blackmore garage to undertake a diagnostic analysis can put your mind at rest and enable the vehicle problem to be solved.

Engine management function resetting in Blackmore

After repair work has been carried out on a car in Blackmore, resetting functions in ECUs may be necessary, for example when a broken control unit has had to be replaced. In addition, other features may need adapting to prevent warning lights lit up on the vehicle instrument panel.

Examples of these functions are airbags, alarms and immobilisers. Despite the fact that engine warning lamps can indicate a fault with sensors or monitors, it doesn't necessarily mean part replacements are needed.

Adjusting the computer or engine management system may be the answer to solve your vehicle problem.

What Blackmore vehicle diagnostic tests can reveal

Diagnostics can check for a wide range of different issues with vehicles, from ensuring vehicle systems are running as they should to finding vehicle problems that need fixing. From air temperature monitoring to RPM checking, ensuring air con and air bags are working properly to locating on board electronic control units in a vehicle, a knowledgeable Blackmore mechanic can check your car's health either using stand alone diagnostics equipment or with a diagnostic scanner that is hand held.

Scanning devices are connected to your car using an EOBD connector and resulting read outs, that can be printed off when diagnostics via a PC are completed, tell the mechanic what problems exist and need repairing.

Functionality on board computers can control

Technology for cars is always improving with more functionality being controlled via on board computers.

If vehicles start to go wrong, diagnostics will usually be needed for that reason.

Many functions are handled by electronic control units, such as adaptive cruise control, door control units, control units for airbags and sensor clusters.

Vehicles also often have electronically controlled brakes, so if servicing needs to take place, releasing of the brake callipers will be required which can be done using diagnostic controls.

Professional Blackmore garage mechanics are trained to assess your vehicle using diagnostic machines.