MOTs in Hastings

Why cars in Hastings have to be MOTed

As time goes by, vehicles develop problems so system and component testing is important to maintain road safety. This will mean that the driver of the vehicle, in addition to pedestrians and road users, are less likely to present a hazard as a vehicle.

If you wish to legally drive your car, it has to have a valid MOT certificate. It may surprise you that a database of MOTs are accessible by the police who can consequently identify which cars do not have a MOT.

The MOT only confirms the condition or components tested at the point where Hastings MOT testing is being carried out, and does not represent the overall condition of the car. If you are driving a vehicle that has failed its MOT test then at the least you may receive a fine and points on a license, unless covered by an exception to the rule.

Booking in for your Hastings MOT test

When your Peugeot needs booking in for a MOT test, it's essential that you find a reputable local Hastings garage. MOT stations should always be approved by VOSA and display the logo made up of 3 blue triangles, and the garage should also have a MOT cost sign stating the highest price of the test. A viewing bay is usually available so you can see your car being MOTed by the garage's MOT testing specialist in Hastings, but in the main, people leave their Fiat car for the day and fetch it from the Hastings garage forecourt later that day further to completion of required repairs and the MOT has been passed by the tester.

A hard copy certificate will be issued, however a central database logs the pass. MOT test stations can issue replacement certificates if originals get damaged or lost. Should you need to tax your car, if doing it in person, they will need to see the paper copy of the certificate.

Hastings testing of fuel systems and emissions levels

Car fuel and exhaust systems need to be checked to ensure there are no leaks and to make sure that all operations are running smoothly. Upon close inspection of the exhaust system, components such as the back box, mountings and silencers are checked, to look for any faulty parts or parts that could have deteriorated resulting from grit on the roads. Exhausts with major leaks are highly possible to fail a MOT in Hastings.

In addition to this, the amount of exhaust fumes can result in MOT failure if levels of carbon dioxide, hydrogen and lambda are considered too high. Ineffective oxygen or lambda sensors can be responsible for emission failures and catalytic converter damage due to fuel having not been burnt and passing through the exhaust pipe.


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