MOTs in Hillingdon

How MOT tests are done in Hillingdon

If your Seat car's MOT is due to expire and you need to book a MOT appointment, it is important that you find a reliable local Hillingdon mechanic. MOT centres that are registered with VOSA should always have the logo with three blue triangles on display, as well as a poster showing the highest price charged for MOTs. A viewing bay is usually available so you can see your car being MOTed by the VOSA approved MOT operative in Hillingdon, though most people will drop their Lexus off at the garage and pick it up from the Hillingdon garage later following completion of any repairs and the certification has been granted.

Paper copies of the MOT certificate are given to the owner, but the actual certification is logged on a central computer database. MOT test stations can issue replacement certificates if originals get damaged or lost. If you tax your Infiniti at a local post office, they will need to see the paper copy of the certificate.

MOT testing in Hillingdon assess tyres and wheels

Tyres will be examined for the correct structure and type, including noting the nominal size, attempting to maintain a similar diameter so that the drive train is not affected. The type of tyre will also be scrutinised to see whether tyres are radial-ply, cross ply or bias belted.

Steel or fabric can make up Radial-ply tyres. The wall of the tyres should also outline the sizing information, and generally is accompanied with a load index, ply rating and the speed symbol.

A gauge will be used to ensure that tyres have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm throughout the whole outside of the tyre and encompassing the central three quarters of the surface of the tyre. In addition tyres should be free of any cuts or punctures or expose any cords as otherwise the MOT criteria may not be met unless sufficient tyre replacements take place.

Knowledgeable Hillingdon garages can offer MOT advice.

Hillingdon testing of fuel systems and emissions levels

Systems for fuel and exhaust should be assessed for any increase in noise and to determine whether all mechanisms are running smoothly. When the exhaust system is being checked, components such as silencers and mountings will be checked, to look for any parts that may have been damaged or areas that have deteriorated from corrosion which can be caused by elements such as water or salt.

Exhausts with excessive corrosion are likely to fail the Hillingdon MOT criteria. In addition to this, the amount of exhaust fumes can result in MOT failure carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide levels are excessive.

Failed oxygen (lambda) sensors can be responsible for failed catalytic converters and emission failures due to fuel having not been burnt and passing through the exhaust pipe.


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