MOTs in Stokesby

Checks for tyres in Stokesby MOT tests

Tyres will be checked in order to ensure they are the correct structure and tyre, inclusive of aspect ratio and nominal size, in order to ensure that wheels on the same axle match. The tyre type will also be noted to see whether tyres are radial-ply, cross ply or bias belted.

Radial-ply tyres can comprise of either steel or fabric. The wall of the tyre should also display sizing information, generally in addition to the speed symbol, ply rating and load index.

A gauge will be used to ensure that tyres have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm around the whole tyre and encompassing the central three quarters of the surface of the tyre. In addition tyres should be free of any cuts or punctures or display any cords as otherwise there is a possibility that it will not pass the MOT test unless tyre replacements are carried out.

Stokesby garages can provide advice about vehicle MOTing.

Checks made on fuel and exhaust systems in Stokesby

Car fuel and exhaust systems should be checked for any cracks and to assess whether systems are running efficiently. Upon close inspection of the exhaust system, components such as silencers and mountings will be checked, to look for any parts which may have developed holes or parts that could have deteriorated which can be caused by salts in grit on the roads in winter.

Exhausts with excessive corrosion are unlikely to meet MOT criteria in Stokesby. In addition to this, the amount of exhaust fumes can result in MOT failure if lambda, hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide levels are too high.

Faulty oxygen sensors will be responsible for emissions failures and inefficient catalytic converters due to fuel having not been burnt and passing through the exhaust pipe.

MOTing your Stokesby vehicle is important because:

Vehicles degrade as time passes therefore testing parts and systems in cars is one method that can improve safety on UK roads. As a result, the person driving the car, as well as other road users and pedestrians, are at less risk from problems with Subaru vehicles. In order to tax and insure a car, it has to have a valid MOT certificate.

The MOT database can be accessed by the police who can see which cars haven't been MOT-ed. A MOT only checks condition of tested features at the point where Stokesby MOT testing is being carried out, and does not represent the overall condition of the car. If you have been driving a vehicle without a MOT certificate you are liable to be prosecuted unless under circumstances exceptional to the rule.

Stokesby MOT tests

If your Subaru car's MOT is due to expire and you need to book a MOT appointment, it's essential that you find a reputable local Stokesby garage. Approved MOT stations always have the three blue triangle logo displayed, as well as a poster showing the highest price charged for MOTs.

A viewing bay is usually available so you can see your car being MOTed by an approved MOT tester in Stokesby, but in the main, people leave their Citroen car for the day and drive to collect it after work when necessary repairs are complete and the MOT certificate has been issued. Presenters will be provided with a paper copy, but the pass is saved onto a computer database and logged centrally.

Damaged or lost MOT certificates can be replaced by any MOT test centre. If you obtain your road tax at your local post office, the MOT certificate will need to be presented.