MOTs in

Tyre and wheel tests in

Tyres will be checked in order to ensure they are the correct structure and tyre, including aspect ratio and nominal size, so that ride height is not dramatically affected. The type of tyre that has been used will also be examined to identify whether they are radial-ply, bias belted or cross ply. Steel or fabric can make up Radial-ply tyres.

The wall of the tyres should also outline the sizing information, and is usually accompanied by load index, ply rating and the speed symbol. Tyre depth has to be a minimum amount of 1.6mm continuing around the tyre and covering the central three quarters of the tyre surface. In addition, tyres should not bear any tears or bulges or expose any cords as there may be a possibility that your vehicle will fail the MOT unless tyre replacements are carried out.

Knowledgeable garages can offer MOT advice.

Vehicle lights and visibility in

In order to meet legal requirements, visibility must as good as possible. Therefore fault wiper blades, damaged wing mirrors or horns that are inaudible, can be responsible for your vehicle failing its MOT. At least two mirrors should be present on all vehicles to ensure that the driver is aware of vehicles behind them.

Lights must also be in full working order, with headlights comprising of white or yellow bulbs, making sure that colours are matching. Switches that operate indicators, rear lights and headlights must work and react immediately. Main beam lights must also turn on and off promptly, switching to dipped headlights for the benefit of oncoming vehicles.

Garages in can complete testing and repairs on your Isuzu vehicle.

How are MOTs conducted in ?

When you need to book your Lotus car in for its MOT, finding a reliable garage is important. MOT centres that are registered with VOSA should always have the logo with three blue triangles on display, in addition to displaying the maximum MOT charge. It is usually possible to watch the MOT being conducted by a registered MOT operator in , although many people leave their Mazda vehicle at the garage and pick it up from the garage later following completion of any repairs and the MOT certificate has been issued.

The owner will be given a hard copy of the certificate, but the actual certification is logged on a central computer database. If your certificate gets damaged or lost, you can get a replacement from any test station. If you tax your Alfa romeo at a local post office, you will have to show the hard copy of your MOT.

Assessments of brake systems in

Brakes are the most significant vehicle safety feature, so MOTs test BMW and Vauxhall brakes stringently. Road brakes will slow and stop cars that are moving, whilst parking brakes or hand brakes hold the car when it is on a gradient stationary, stopped in traffic or parked up. Tests on brakes to assess performance are done which ascertain brake efficiency, using gradient testing, plate brake tests and roller brake machines.

Examinations of brakes are done to make sure there are no leaks in the system, no vibration in brake pipes and flexible hoses, rigid pipes are not affected by chafing, kinks or fouling from friction off other items and the reservoirs for hydraulic or air brakes are not loose or damaged. If your Hyundai car brake performance is compromised, don't leave it until your next MOT to speak to a garage.


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