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Second-Hand Car Prices at All-Time Low

The prices of used cars have taken a dip in November and December 2012 according to car advice website,  The average price for a second-hand car is currently £8,540 after suffering a 1.71% drop, meaning car owners can grab themselves a deal!

Hyundai Predicts Slow Down after Meteoric Growth

Hyundai has seen something of a meteoric growth in the last five years but the company have predicted that 2013 will be a little different. Bosses at the company expect to see sales in the UK stagger as they simply don’t have enough cars to sell!

What Recession? 2M Cars Sold Last Year

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), more than 2 million new cars were sold in the UK during 2012. The latest figures show a 5.3% increase compared to 2011’s new car sales, which is the highest increase since the recession hit in 2008.

Bestsellers of 2012

The past year has been a time of increased new car registrations but what were the motorists’ favourites in the past 12 months?

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French Car Sales Add to Economy Collapse

It’s not looking good for the French as their industrial woes deepened further. Car sales have dramatically crashed raising concerns about the impact this will have on the economic crisis.

Luxury Car Maker Jaguar Secures £1bn Deal

Jaguar Land Rover has secured a deal to make cars outside of the UK for the very first time in a £1billion deal. The Coventry-based car maker will be making cars at a new plant in China after celebrating an 80% rise in sales this year.

UK Car Sales on the Up!

The UK car industry is officially bucking the international trend as car sales rise by 12%. The news comes as EU new car sales take a tumble by up to 37%.

Nissan to Sell Cheaper Leaf

Japanese car maker Nissan are planning to sell a cheaper version of their signature electric car. This comes after Nissan fell well short on their target for Leaf sales.

Global Car Manufacturers Turn to UK

Car makers from across the world are producing more right-hand drive vehicles and targeting sales in the UK, rather than Europe after dwindling sales.

Now That is One Pricey Car

The 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe was the most expensive car ever sold back in 1987 where it was purchased for an insane $8,700,000. There was definitely no cash flow problem with the buyer.