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Charge Point Installation Leaves Drivers Stumped

Northern Ireland is set to receive over 130 electric car charge points by March next year and there is around £2million worth of funding to introduce them, but will it really catch on?

The More Noise the Better!

To prevent accidents car makers have been told to make electric and hybrid cars louder. There has been a rise in accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists because these vehicles are so quiet.

McLaren to Power All-Electric Racing Championship

You may not expect supercar maker McLaren to be interested in the electrically powered motor market. But much to everyone’s surprise they are actually powering the FIA’s new Formula E, which will see all-electric cars hit the race track to compete.

The Best Green Cars

The best green cars on the market have been revealed at the recent What Car? Green Awards. They unveiled what can stands out in terms of sustainability.

Convert your Gas Guzzler to Electric

With everyone jumping onto the sustainable bandwagon, more and more gas guzzling cars are sadly being made redundant. But it doesn’t have to be the end of your favourite car, why not convert it into a more eco-friendly model?

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The Truth about Electric Cars

Are electric cars all they claim to be? Find out the truth about the cost and range of sustainable motoring models.

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Renault Working On New Battery Cars

French manufacturer Renault are planning next generation battery technology in conjunction with the company that makes batteries for their Twizy model. By the end of the year they will have a full range of Z.E electric vehicles.


Supergreen Jag Announced

Jaguar have announced that they are releasing a hybrid supercar which will be ready for release in the next few years.

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Golden Moment For Electric Cars

Soon electric cars may become that little bit more popular and a heck of a lot more powerful.

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Toyota Unveil Electric Sports Cars

Toyota are set to take on electric automaker Tesla and design their own brand of electric sports cars following the launch of their electric city car.

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