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Extreme Performance Vehicles of 2013

Some of the most exciting supercars we’ve even seen have been confirmed for 2013, presenting something of an extreme performance showdown in the next 12 months.

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Cool Car Cutaways

See what’s underneath the bonnet with these super cool car cutaways, take a look inside some of the world’s best supercars and regular run-arounds.

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Bathed in Light

This amazing video just captivated us – light painting is used to create 3D imagery of the McLaren P12.

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Most Expensive Cars in the World!

We all have our list of ridiculously expensive must-have supercars, which we will of course whip out if we win the lotto!

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Totalled Supercars

This car owner purchased the pictured 1991 Lamborghini Diablo two weeks before this shot was taken – good luck paying your car insurance premium after this!

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The Fast and The Furious

We here at RepairACar love our supercars, but what are the fastest and most furious road models on the market today?

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Beautiful Lamborghini Lineup

The British based super car dealer, Amari, has put on a show which sports car lovers would love to see. At their warehouse a collection of  Murcielago, Gallardo, Superleggera  and Spyder variants were put on display for the all to see.