Scrappage in Carrickfergus

Carrickfergus car scrappage services give eco-solutions for ELVs

Our scrappage services in Carrickfergus supplies you with the facilities to dispose of your car simply and safely. Utilising modern, fully equipped facilities, our scrappage specialists ensure that all harmful toxins and waste are removed from the scrapped car and dealt with accordingly during depollution.

Car scrappage also increases our stockpile of used car parts by reclaiming functioning car components. Every recycled car part is tested and resold to the owner of an used car as a cost-effective alternative to amend their damaged car.

How can a treatment unit in Carrickfergus assist me?

There are a number of reasons why your vehicle may need scrapping so whether your car has not passed its MOT, requires a huge amount of money to be spent on it, was damaged during a road traffic accident or is simply not economical to run, you can utilise RepairACar to pinpoint a Carrickfergus Authorised Treatment Facility for the disposal of your car. Our car scrappage specialists have a wealth of experience dealing with working car part recycling and the destruction of vandalised Jeeps. Their modern and fully equipped centres can deal with the cleaning and dismantling of premature and natural end-of-life vehicles.

What is car scrappage?

Vehicle scrappage is an essential part of maintaining a safe environment of all UK car drivers.

Utilising European ELV Directive guidelines, treatment facilities or ATFs in Carrickfergus can be employed to scrap and salvage parts from your damaged vehicle.

These professional scrappage services also make sure that the harmful waste generated by recycling is kept to a very low level.

Vehicle scrappage processes involve the car being fully dismantled and the removal and containment of hazardous waste and toxins.

The vehicle is then stripped down, where usable car parts are recycled and scrap metal and valuable metal removed.

Car scrappage at a Carrickfergus-based treatment unit

Recovering and destroying your abandoned vehicle is an all-important part of being a practical vehicle motorist.

Our Environment Agency approved treatment facilities can provide you with assistance when disposing of your car.

Whether your vehicle has been abandoned and written off, damaged by fire or water, written off or vandalised, our state-of-the-art workshops can treat your vehicle effectively, reclaiming all usable car parts, extracting danagerous toxins and seizing valuable and non-valuable metals.

Submit an enquiry today to recover and scrap your vandalised car as soon as possible.


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