Servicing in Bath

What is checked when servicing brakes in Bath

Various parts and features of brakes will be inspected during a vehicle service in Bath to ensure the parts are fully functioning and assures you that adequate vehicle safety is maintained. So that performance and effectiveness of brakes is ensured routine checks on brake pads, fluids and shoes should be conducted with damaged or worn out part replacements being carried out.

Adverse weather and grit applied to roads when tarmac is frozen can cause corrosion and damage which in turn can contribute to reduced brake performance. Where applicable, Servos of brakes will be inspected, in addition Bath mechanics inspecting drum brakes and composite discs to allow problems like pitting and scoring to be rectified.

Regular vehicle servicing of Jeeps in Bath is recommended

Though every vehicle over three years must be MOTed by law, which checks that certain systems and components meet certain standards and classes your Renault as road worthy, to increase vehicle component durability, your car needs annual services. Some vehicle parts have to be replaced regularly like sump washers, spark plugs and oil filters, as worn out or damaged parts can create problems with your vehicle and increase fuel consumption.

Oil changes, for example, should take place annually, and if travelling more than 6000 miles in a year, it is recommended that more frequent oil changes are conducted. So to prevent big bills for car repairs, make sure your car is serviced at least once a year.

Bath garages can keep your car running smoothly.

Who vehicle servicing in Bath can benefit

Having your car serviced in Bath provides various benefits, whether you are part of a fleet of cars or own a company and your employees have company cars. If your job requires you to travel frequently by car, your vehicle may deteriorate quicker so servicing can check that everything is running efficiently, which should also prevent any further degradation of components that could have otherwise meant further repair work was needed. Making sure that exhaust systems, fuel and engines are working efficiently will also keep fuel usage to minimum and ensure that fuel is burnt fully.

Similarly, checking that tyres are inflated properly as well as tread depth and signs of cords, as well as using a digital tyre balancer for wheels, will potentially prevent further wear.

Checks servicing in Bath makes on drive systems and suspension

Three other important aspects of vehicles are drive systems, steering and suspension. These are essential for control of a car, whether you have a Seat or an Audi. Fluid levels in power steering and clutches will be monitored by Bath mechanics and where levels are not high enough, they will be topped up.

Mechanical components will also be checked to look for pitting, corrosion, and to ensure system security and strength. Components usually checked include drive and prop shafts, gaitors and axles. Additionally, suspension springs and wheel bearings will be inspected to assess their condition and ensure the amount of play is not too great.

Maintaining your Jeep car is important so make an appointment for your car servicing in Bath garages today.


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