Servicing in Bexley

Bexley engine checks during Jeep servicing

Engines are a major vehicle component and repair bills are expensive so failures usually result in shopping for a new car. Therefore annual servicing should always be carried out. Many checks are made on car engines during a service, such as draining off old engine oil and fitting replacement oil filters complete with new lubricant.

This is because oil degrades over time which can cause damage to your engine from debris in it. Your car will also have new spark plugs and air filters installed. Engine anti freeze levels and strengths are checked and where necessary, additional liquid is added to prevent engine damage in winter and keep the engine cooler in summer.

Coolant and antifreeze checking is included in winter vehicle checks that Bexley garages can complete for you.

Customers benefited by Jeep servicing in Bexley

Servicing cars in Bexley can be beneficial in a variety of ways, whether you are part of a fleet of cars or own a company and your employees have company cars. Also, if you're a sales rep and travel in your job, your vehicle may deteriorate quicker therefore a service will ensure that all systems are effective, and you'll know you're not causing damage to components that could have otherwise meant further repair work was needed.

Keeping a check on exhaust, fuel and engine systems to ensure that they are in full working order will also help to reduce fuel usage and ensure that fuel is fully burnt. Similarly, checking that tyres are inflated properly and that tread depth is meeting the 1.6mm minimum, as well as examining whether wheels are balanced, will help to prevent further unnatural wear.

Why servicing Bexley vehicles is beneficial

Despite the requirement for vehicles to be MOTed being the law, which makes sure parts and systems are in working order and your car is road worthy, regular servicing is needed to keep your car running for years to come. Vehicles being serviced have parts that wear out and need replacing checked, for e.g. Air and oil filters and power steering fluid, as damage can be caused to the car by not repairing or replacing old broken items and increase fuel consumption.

For example, oil changes should be carried out at least annually, but if you drive more than 6000 in twelve months, more frequent changes are required to prevent premature engine degradation. Therefore to prevent future more costly car repair bills, ensure you book your car in for a full service annually. Expert vehicle maintenance is provided by Bexley garages.


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