Servicing in Canterbury

Canterbury garages carry out the following routine checks:

You can choose from three servicing types for your car: interim services for between annual full services, or major 2 year services. Routine checks are made to some components and parts during Canterbury vehicle servicing as well as conducting system and component inspections like braking, suspension and exhausts. It is important that visibility is good to make sure a clear road view is available, which means wind screen wipers need to function correctly and smudging or streaking shouldn't occur.

All lights need to be fully functioning, in particular when weather conditions are poor, such as in fog, or over night. Ensuring windscreen condition is good is also necessary, without marks from wiper blades or have chips and scratches that might cause interference with driver visibility.

Why you should service your vehicle in Canterbury

Despite the requirement for vehicles to be MOTed being the law, which checks components and systems in your vehicle are in working order and your car is road worthy, to increase your car's lifespan, annual servicing is needed.

Vehicles being serviced have parts that wear out and need replacing checked, like lubricant in the engine and oil filters, because if these items are not replaced, it can damage the systems of the car and cause reductions in vehicle efficiency.

Replacing lubricants such as engine oil is necessary every 12 months, though for vehicles covering distances of 6000 miles more often than this, many people advice additional oil changes should be completed.

So to keep future repair bills down, contact your local garage and arrange an annual service.

Maintenance for vehicles is provided by Canterbury garages.

Steering, suspension and drive servicing checks in Canterbury

There are another three important car systems - drive power and controls, suspension and steering. Control of Jeep, BMW and Mitsubishi vehicles is managed by these systems. Clutch, gear box and power steering fluid will be looked at by Canterbury garages and if levels in reservoirs are too low, they will be topped up.

Inspections of larger mechanical parts is also done so worn parts can be replaced, and make sure that parts are attached securely. This would include steering rack gaitors, clutches and drive shafts. Shock absorbers and wheel bearings, additionally, will be inspected so assessments of their condition can be carried out and see how much play there is.

Adequate vehicle maintenance is always important so book in for Canterbury servicing with one of our garages.

Who vehicle servicing in Canterbury can benefit

Having a car serviced in Canterbury can be beneficial in many ways, whether fleet cars have been hired out or have a company car. If you are a sales rep continuously on the road, more strain can be placed on the systems of your vehicle therefore carrying out a service will enable better performance, and you'll know you're not causing damage to components that could have otherwise meant further repair work was needed.

Regularly checking on engine, exhaust and fuel systems to ensure that they are working effectively will also help to reduce fuel usage and make certain that fuel is burnt more efficiently. Further to this, checks will be conducted on tyres for pressure, and that tread depth is meeting the 1.6mm minimum, as well as balancing wheels, will help to prevent further unnatural wear.

Servicing checks made on Porsche brakes in Canterbury

Many parts in braking systems are inspected when servicing in Canterbury is completed which ensures they are fully operational and maintains vehicle safety. Because of the importance of brake performance being maintained, routine checks on brake pads, fluids and shoes should be conducted and any faulty or broken parts replaced. Adverse weather and grit applied to roads when tarmac is frozen can cause corrosion and damage which can also affect brake performance.

Brake Servo operation is also checked, as well Canterbury mechanics as checking discs and drum conditions to enable damage, wear and corrosion to be found and repairs.


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