Timing Belts in Hereford

What cam belts are

A cam belt provides a connection for the crankshaft of an engine and its camshaft. Teeth run up it's length that may vary in their shape dependant upon the type of belt you have.

Round teeth will be found of newer models of cam belt, whereas older timing belts will be covered with sharp or triangular teeth. Timing belts are typically made out of rubber and will then be covered with materials like fibreglass so that they are stronger to make sure that they last longer.

Modern timing belts are made out of highly resistant materials like HSN so that they are better equipped to cope with high engine temperatures. Modern timing belts have less width to decrease weight and friction subsequently.

What does a cam belt do?

Timing belts are found within your vehicle's engine that control the timing of a vehicle's engine valves. Engine valves open and close a specific number of times and a timing belt ensures that this is allowed to happen. A timing belt's teeth are purposefully designed in order for them to provide a high level of efficiency for their intended engine.

These teeth will turn the cam shaft of the vehicle's engine ad keep it in sync with the crankshaft. The camshaft turns at half the speed as the crankshaft, and the cam belt regulates this. If this does not happen your engine will not operate correctly which will result in your engine being damaged.

Causes of such engine damage can include engine valves not opening and closing correctly leading to them become stuck by the pistons.

Cam belt work can be carried out by mechanics in Hereford

If you need to have work done on your timing belt Hereford mechanics will need to be located. Visiting RepairACar will help you to find Hereford mechanics to carry out work on your timing belt. Our mechanics in Hereford can undertake a variety of timing belt tasks.

Should you have noticed your cam belt may be damaged you can have them check your timing belt. If your cam belt is in fact damaged repairs can be done by the Hereford timing belt experts we have or you can have your cam belt replaced should this not be possible. Timing belts may need to be tightened from time to time, or you may have a timing belt that is too tight.

You cam belt may need to be realigned. Perhaps you need to have your cam belt and crankshaft synchronised, or maybe you need to have your cam belt and water pump replaced, timing belt specialists in Hereford can be utilised by calling upon RepairACar.


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