Timing Belts in Barham

Different sorts of timing belt

Timing belts can be obtained in a range of types and the sort that you will require will depend on the sort of car that you have. There are two engine designs that will need a cam belt.

Interference engine cam belts require careful maintenance because of the proximity between the valves and pistons in the engine of your car. Timing belts for non-interference vehicle engines do not need such a high level of maintenance as the pistons and valves do not lie so close together.

Timing belts have different shaped teeth as well. Older cam belts will have triangular shaped teeth, whereas timing belts with rounded teeth are found in more modern vehicle.

Cam belts will usually be made from rubber which has been strengthened with materials such as Twaron, although materials such as HSN are now frequently used.

Cam belt jobs can be done by mechanic firms in Barham

Should you need to have cam belt work done a mechanic in Barham will need to be located.

RepairACar can be used to source registered Barham mechanics to perform work on your vehicle's timing belt.

Our mechanics in Barham can undertake a variety of timing belt tasks.

If you think that your cam belt may be broken they are able to check your timing belt.

If a problem with your cam belt is present our timing belt mechanics in Barham can carry out repairs, or if this is not possible undertake a timing belt replacement.

You may need to have your timing belt tightened, or it could be that you need to have it loosened as it is running too tightly.

It could be that you need to have your cam belt realigned.

It may be that you need to have your cam belt synchronised with your crankshaft, or you might need to have a cam belt and water pump replacement, RepairACar can be used to help you find timing belt experts in Barham irrespective of your problem.

What role does a timing belt play?

Timing belts are belts, normally made out of rubber that control an engine valve's timing.

The engine valves in a vehicle are required to open and close a pre-set number of times and this is regulated by the cam belt.

The teeth on a cam belt are specifically designed with regards to the sort of engine that the belt is part of.

These teeth are used to turn the vehicle's cam shaft ad keep it in sync with the crankshaft.

The camshaft will need to turn half as fast as the crankshaft of the engine, enabled by the timing belt.

If this does not happen your engine will not operate correctly which will surely result in severe damage to your engine.

Reasons for such damage can be things such as valves in the vehicle's engine staying open at the wrong times leading to them become stuck by the pistons.

Definition of a timing belt

Timing belts provide a connection between the crankshaft of an engine and its camshaft. It is covered with teeth that vary in shape dependant upon the type of belt you have.

Round teeth will be found of newer models of cam belt, whereas triangular teeth tend to cover traditional belts. Timing belts are normally made from rubber and are then strengthened by materials such as fibreglass to ensure that they are able to last longer.

Modern cam belts will sometimes be made from durable materials such as HSN so that they will not suffer damage because of high engine temperatures. Cam belts that are modern are much narrower in order to decrease weight and friction subsequently.

The consequences of failing to act on timing belt issues

Should you fail to spot a damaged cam belt, or worse yet; failure to act upon it can have disastrous consequences for your engine. If your vehicle has an interference engine can lead to your car becoming irreparably damaged in some circumstances. Should your timing belt snap your vehicle will not run at all, but if it continues to function whilst damaged your engine could be damaged beyond repair without your knowledge.

Should your timing belt be damaged the valves and pistons in your car's engine will hit into one another which could cause your valve guides to crack. You car's valve guides can also end up bent which can be expensive to fix. In extreme cases your camshaft may even break.

If you have a damaged timing belt you can call upon RepairACar to locate Barham cam belt mechanics.

Issues that may develop with your timing belt

Problems with your vehicle's cam belt are one of the leading causes of breakdowns. There can be a number of different problems with timing belts and you can avoid breaking down if you know how to spot them. The key concern will be the complete snapping of a timing belt, but there are a number of things that can cause this to happen.

Cam belts can become over stretched leading to them becoming noisy and emitting creaking noises. If your timing belt looses some or all of it's teeth the cam shaft cannot be turned. The camshaft will not function if the timing belt is not aligned in the correct way.

Oil damage can also befall cam belts causing the belt to change in size, meaning that it cannot effectively function. Cam belts are also known to slacken resulting in them slipping out of their desired position. Cam belts can sometimes break after becoming corroded.