Timing Belts in Herne

Timing belt jobs for Herne mechanics

For any sort of work regarding timing belts you will have to source a Herne mechanic.

Visiting RepairACar will help you to find Herne mechanics to work on the timing belt of your vehicle.

Any number of cam belt jobs can be carried out by our approved Herne mechanics.

If you think that your cam belt may be broken they can be used to inspect your timing belt.

If your cam belt is in fact damaged our Herne timing belt specialists are able to repair it, or if this is not possible undertake a timing belt replacement.

It might be that you need to have your timing belt tightened, or it could be that you need to have it loosened as it is running too tightly.

It could be that you need to have your cam belt realigned.

It may be that you need to have your cam belt synchronised with your crankshaft, or you might have to have both your timing belt and water pump replaced at the same time, RepairACar can be used to help you find timing belt experts in Herne irrespective of your problem.

Types of timing belt

Cam belts can be procured in a number of types and the sort that you will need will depend on your car. There are two different types of engine that need a timing belt. Interference engine cam belts require careful maintenance because of the proximity between the pistons and valves in your vehicles engine.

Cam belts for non-interference engines do not call for such a lot of maintenance as the pistons and valves are not so close together. Timing belts have different shaped teeth as well. The teeth in cam belts that are older are often triangular, whereas timing belts with rounded teeth are found in more modern vehicle.

Cam belts will usually be made from rubber which has been treated with materials like Kevlar to make it stronger, although materials such as HSN are now frequently used.

Definition of a timing belt

Timing belts provide a connection between an engine's crank and camshafts. It has teeth that vary in shape depending on you vehicles belt type.

Newer models of timing belt tend to have rounded teeth, whereas triangular teeth tend to cover traditional belts. Cam belts will be often made out of rubber and are then covered with materials like twaron to make them stronger to make sure that they last longer.

Cam belts made recently tend to be made from resistant materials like HSN so that they will not suffer damage because of high engine temperatures. Cam belts that are modern are much narrower in order to make them lighter so that friction is reduced.

The consequences of failing to act on timing belt issues

Failure to recognise the signs of a damaged timing belt, or even worse; failure to address the problem can have disastrous consequences for your car engine. If your vehicle has an interference engine can lead to your car becoming irreparably damaged in some circumstances. Should your timing belt snap your vehicle will not run at all, but if the belt continues to work whilst it is damaged your engine could be damaged beyond repair without your knowledge.

Should your timing belt be damaged the pistons and valves in your engine will collide which could cause your valve guides to crack. You could suffer bent valve guides which can be expensive to fix. You might even end up suffering from a broken camshaft in extreme cases.

Should your timing belt be damaged you can call upon RepairACar to locate Herne cam belt mechanics.

Issues that may develop with your timing belt

Problems with your vehicle's cam belt are one of the leading causes of breakdowns. A number of potential problems can arise with timing belts and you can avoid breaking down if you know how to spot them. The key concern will be the complete snapping of a timing belt, but there are other issues that can lead to this happening.

Cam belts can become over stretched leading to them emitting loud squeaking noises. If your timing belt looses some or all of it's teeth there will be no way to turn the cam shaft. The camshaft will not function if the timing belt is not aligned in the correct way.

Oil damage can also befall cam belts changing the size of the belt, meaning that it will not work correctly. A vehicles timing belt will sometimes get loose resulting in them slipping out of their desired position. A corroded cam belt will also snap eventually.