Timing Belts in Littlebourne

The results of failing to act on timing belt issues

Failure to recognise the signs of a damaged timing belt, or worse yet; failure to act upon it can spell the end for your vehicle. If you Ford car has an interference engine can lead to your car becoming irreparably damaged in some circumstances.

If your timing belt snaps completely the car will not run, but if the belt continues to work whilst it is damaged the engine of your vehicle could be taking on damage without you even realising it. When the cam belt is damaged the valves and pistons in your car's engine will hit into one another which can result in cracks appearing in your valve guides.

Your valve guides may also become bent which can be expensive to fix. The camshaft of your car may break in extreme scenarios.

Should your timing belt be damaged utilise RepairACar to find a timing belt specialist in Littlebourne.

Cam belt problems

Issues with timing belts are one of the biggest causes of vehicles suffering breakdowns.

There can be a number of different problems with timing belts and if you know how to spot them you can avoid suffering a break down.

Having your cam belt snap is the worst possible problem, and there are a range of problems that can cause this.

Cam belts can become too tight resulting in them becoming noisy, and making creaking sounds.

If your timing belt looses its teeth it will pose serious problems as there is no way to turn the cam shaft.

The camshaft will also be stopped from turning if the timing belt is not aligned properly.

Timing belts being exposed to oil can be damaging changing the size of the belt, meaning that it will not work correctly.

Timing belts can sometimes loosen resulting in them slipping out of their desired position.

Cam belts can sometimes break after becoming corroded.

Different sorts of cam belt

There are a number of different types of timing belt and the sort that you will require will depend on your particular vehicle. There are two engine designs that will need a cam belt. Interference engine cam belts need to be frequently checked and maintained as a result of the proximity between the valves and pistons of the engine.

Timing belts for non-interference vehicle engines do not call for such a lot of maintenance as the pistons and valves are not so close together. There are also timing belts with varying shaped teeth. The teeth in less recently made cam belts are usually of a triangular shape, whereas recent models of cam belt tend to have teeth that are round.

Timing belts are most commonly made out of rubber, which is then which has been treated with materials like Kevlar to make it stronger, although manufacturers tend to make use of materials such as HSN nowadays.

What timing belts are

A timing belt connects the camshaft and crankshaft of an engine. Teeth run up it's length that may vary in their shape dependant upon the type of belt you have. Timing belts that are recent tend to have round teeth, whereas older belts will often have sharper teeth.

Cam belts are constructed from rubber and are then strengthened with materials like kevlar to ensure that they have a longer life. Modern timing belts are made out of highly resistant materials like HSN so that they are not damaged by high temperatures in engines. Modern cam belts are not as wide as there predecessors in order to lessen their weight, to generate less friction.

Littlebourne mechanic firms can carry out work on cam belts

When you need to have work carried out on your cam belt you will have to source a Littlebourne mechanic.

RepairACar can be used to find a registered mechanic in Littlebourne to perform work on your vehicle's timing belt.

Any number of cam belt jobs can be carried out by our approved Littlebourne mechanics.

If you think that your cam belt may be broken they can be used to carry out a timing belt inspection.

If your cam belt is in fact damaged repairs can be done by the Littlebourne timing belt experts we have or if this is not viable, they can undertake a timing belt replacement.

You may need to have your timing belt tightened, or the timing belt on your car might even be too tight.

From time to time cam belts will also need to be realigned.

Be it the synchronisation of your crankshaft and timing belt, or it could be that you wish to have your cam belt and water pump replaced together, no matter what you requirements RepairACar can be called upon to find Littlebourne timing belt specialists.

Why do engines have timing belts?

Cam belts can be found within the engine of your car that are able to control the timing of valves in engines. Valves in engines need to open and close a pre-agreed number of times and the cam belt makes sure that this happens in order.

The teeth of a timing belt are attentively designed to perform effectively for the intended engine. The teeth turn the cam shaft ad keep it in sync with the crankshaft.

The camshaft will need to turn half as fast as the crankshaft of the engine, enabled by the timing belt. Should this be prevented from happening the engine will not run properly which will lead to serious engine damage.

Events that can lead to engine damage can be things like engine valves remaining open at the wrong time leading to them become stuck by the pistons.