Timing Belts in Stelling

The results of failing to act on timing belt issues

If you fail to notice your cam belt is damaged, or worse yet; failure to act upon it can have disastrous consequences for your car engine. If your vehicle has an interference engine failure to replace a cam belt that is damage will almost certainly damage your car. Should your timing belt snap your vehicle will not run at all, but if the belt continues to work whilst it is damaged your engine could be damaged beyond repair without your knowledge.

If you have a damaged timing belt the pistons and valves in your engine will collide which can result in cracks appearing in your valve guides. The valve guides in the engine of your vehicle may also bend which can cost a considerable amount to have fixed. You might even end up with a broken camshaft.

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Difficulties with timing belts

Problems with your vehicle's cam belt are one of the biggest causes of vehicles suffering breakdowns. There can be a number of different problems with timing belts and you can avoid breaking down if you know how to spot them. Having your cam belt snap is the worst possible problem, but there are a number of things that can cause this to happen.

Timing belts can get over tight leading to them becoming noisy, and making creaking sounds. If your timing belt looses its teeth the cam shaft cannot be turned. Should the cam belt be misaligned the cam shaft will not be able to turn.

Cam belts can be damaged as a result of oil exposure changing the size of the belt, meaning that it will not work correctly. Timing belts can also become slack meaning that they can slide out of position. A corroded cam belt will also snap eventually.

What cam belts are

A cam belt provides a connection for an engine's crank and camshafts. It is covered with 'teeth' that are different shapes depending on the sort of belt that is in your vehicle. Timing belts that are recent tend to have round teeth, whereas triangular teeth tend to cover traditional belts.

Timing belts are normally made from rubber and are then strengthened with materials like kevlar to ensure that they are able to last longer. Modern timing belts are made out of highly resistant materials like HSN so that they do not suffer damage due to the high temperatures of engines. Modern timing belts have less width to make them lighter so that friction is reduced.

Types of timing belt

Timing belts can be obtained in a range of types and the type that you will need will be dependant on the type of car it is that you own. There are two engine designs that will need a cam belt.

Timing belts for interference vehicle engines need to be frequently checked and maintained as a result of the proximity between the engine's valves and pistons. Non-interference engine cam belts need much less maintenance as the valves and pistons in the engine do not sit so closely together.

There are also timing belts with varying shaped teeth. Triangular toothed timing belts tend to be older, when contrasted with the rounded teeth of recent cam belts.

Cam belts will usually be made from rubber which has been treated with materials like Kevlar to make it stronger, although materials such as HSN are now frequently used.

Jobs that Stelling mechanics do on timing belts

Should you need to have cam belt work done you will need to find a mechanic firm in Stelling.

You can do this by using RepairACar to find a mechanic in Stelling to perform work on your vehicle's timing belt.

Our Stelling mechanics can perform all manner of cam belt jobs.

If you think that your cam belt may be broken they can be used to carry out a timing belt inspection.

If a problem with your cam belt is present it can be repaired by our timing belt experts in Stelling, or if this is not possible undertake a timing belt replacement.

A cam belt tightening may need to be carried out, or you may have a timing belt that is too tight.

You cam belt may need to be realigned.

It may be that you need to have your cam belt synchronised with your crankshaft, or your timing belt and vehicle water pump replaced simultaneously, you can locate Stelling timing belt specialists when you visit RepairACar.

What role does a timing belt play?

Cam belts can be found within the engine of your car that are able to control the timing of valves in engines. Engine valves open and close a specific number of times and the cam belt makes sure that this happens in order.

The teeth of a timing belt are attentively designed to perform effectively for the intended engine. These teeth are used to turn the vehicle's cam shaft and make sure that it stays synchronised with the crankshaft.

The camshaft rotates at exact half the speed as the engine's crankshaft, and the cam belt ensures this happens. Should this be prevented from happening the engine will not run properly which will lead to serious engine damage.

Causes of such engine damage can include valves in the vehicle's engine staying open at the wrong times resulting in them being stuck by the engine's pistons.