Timing Belts in Womenswold

Jobs that Womenswold mechanics do on timing belts

If you wish to have jobs done on your vehicle's cam belt a mechanic in Womenswold will need to be located. You can do this by using RepairACar to find a mechanic in Womenswold to perform cam belt work for your MG.

All manner of cam belt work can be undertaken by our mechanics in Womenswold. Should you have noticed your cam belt may be damaged you can have them check your timing belt.

If it is that there is a problem with your cam belt repairs can be done by the Womenswold timing belt experts we have or you can have your cam belt replaced should this not be possible. It might be that you need to have your timing belt tightened, or it could be that you need to have it loosened as it is running too tightly.

Every so often you may need to have your cam belt realigned. It may be that you need to have your cam belt synchronised with your crankshaft, or it could be that you wish to have your cam belt and water pump replaced together, RepairACar can be used to help you find timing belt experts in Womenswold irrespective of your problem.

Issues that may develop with your timing belt

Problems with your vehicle's cam belt are one of the leading causes of breakdowns.

A number of potential problems can arise with timing belts and recognising them in time can be the difference between breaking down or not.

The worst case scenario is your cam belt snapping completely, and this can be caused by a number of issues.

Cam belts can become too tight resulting in them becoming noisy, and making creaking sounds.

If some or all of the teeth fall out of your car's timing belt the cam shaft cannot be turned.

The camshaft will not function if the timing belt is not aligned in the correct way.

Cam belts can be damaged as a result of oil exposure changing the size of the belt, stopping it from properly functioning.

Cam belts are also known to slacken which can cause them to shift in position.

Timing belts can also snap as a result of corrosion.

The results of not addressing timing belt issues

Failure to recognise the signs of a damaged timing belt, or even worse; failure to address the problem can spell the end for your vehicle.

Should you have an interference engine on your vehicle can lead to your car becoming irreparably damaged in some circumstances.

If the cam belt snaps then your car will simply stop, but if it continues to function whilst damaged it could be causing significant damage without your knowledge.

If you have a damaged timing belt the pistons and valves in your engine will knock together which can result in cracks appearing in your valve guides.

The valve guides in the engine of your vehicle may also bend which can cost a considerable amount to have fixed.

The camshaft of your car may break in extreme scenarios.

Should you be having any difficulties with your cam belt use RepairACar to track down Womenswold cam belt mechanics.

What timing belts are

A cab belt is a belt that offers a connection between an engine's crank and camshafts.

It is covered with 'teeth' that are different shapes dependant upon the type of belt you have.

Timing belts that are recent tend to have round teeth, whereas older belts will often have sharper teeth.

Timing belts are normally made from rubber and will then be covered with materials like fibreglass so that they are stronger so that they can last longer between replacements.

Modern cam belts will sometimes be made from durable materials such as HSN so that they are not damaged by high temperatures in engines.

Modern timing belts tend to be narrower as this will lessen their weight, to generate less friction.

Types of timing belt

Timing belts can be obtained in a range of types and your particular sort will be dependant on your car.

There are two engine designs that will need a cam belt.

Cam belts for interference engines require careful maintenance because of the proximity between the pistons and valves in your vehicles engine.

Non-interference engine cam belts need much less maintenance as the valves and pistons of your engine sit further apart from each other.

Timing belts have different shaped teeth as well.

The teeth in less recently made cam belts are usually of a triangular shape, whereas modern timing belts will normally have rounded teeth.

Cam belts will usually be made from rubber which has been strengthened by other materials like Twaron or Kevlar, although more and more timing belts are made from modern materials such as HSN.