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Introducing the 2013 Mercedes E63 AMG

The reveal of this particular Mercedes model has been highly anticipated and the high performance E63 AMG will certainly not disappoint.

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For Sale: Aston Martin

Luxury car brand Aston Martin is up for sale! However for many, this isn’t news – despite the UK manufacturer producing a number of beautiful cars with a lot of history behind them, many are questioning whether Aston will go full circle and make a profit once more. What do you think?

Luxury Car Maker Jaguar Secures £1bn Deal

Jaguar Land Rover has secured a deal to make cars outside of the UK for the very first time in a £1billion deal. The Coventry-based car maker will be making cars at a new plant in China after celebrating an 80% rise in sales this year.

Eco-Friendly Lambo?

We never thought we’d hear eco-friendly and Lamborghini in the same sentence! The luxury car maker will not however be developing a hybrid like its rivals, Porsche and Ferrari, instead they will work on lowering carbon emissions.

BMW’s Bid to be the Best

Car maker BMW proved that they are extremely good at their craft with the production of the Zagato Roadster show car. Amazingly, this beautiful vehicle was made in just six weeks!

Luxury Car Maker Moves into Armoured Market

Bentley are known more for their luxurious interiors, not for their robust exteriors! But the Brit car maker is considering launching an armoured plated range, which could see this EXP 9 F concept go into full production.

On Point for 2050

Talk about thinking ahead! Luxury car maker Mercedes Benz have unveiled their vision for the future with the ‘Arrow’ concept. Yes, this is what your grandchildren or great grandchildren will be driving.

New Mercedes SUV Details Revealed

The new Mercedes GL SUV will be focused towards luxury and comfort with air suspension in every model. Pricing will start around £60,000 and will see a UK release of early 2013.

The Topless Aston V12

Ok so we might not have the weather for it at the moment but the Aston Martin V12 Vantage has lost its top creating the perfect model for summer.

What a Specimen!

Introducing the A Class concept vehicle produced by luxury car maker Mercedes Benz. This model is super sleek and is finished to a beautiful and detailed standard.