Car Repairs - We can help fix your car issues nationwide can assist you with your vehicle issues no matter where you are in the UK or what the problem is. From faulty brakes and slipped clutches to tyre punctures and worn out timing belts or chains, our reliable and friendly enquiry service is easy to use and could get you back on the road once more. We have a network of vehicle specialists across the UK who are on hand to offer an efficient service at a highly competitive price.

Roadside Assistance

The frustrating thing about being a car owner is that faults can occur anywhere at home, work or in the middle of nowhere. Whether you're stranded at the roadside with a burst tyre or having start-up difficulties on your driveway, our reputable mobile mechanics, tyre fitters and recovery specialists can help you no matter where you are. Many of our professionals are available 24 hours a day, so day or night you can get emergency repair, recovery or replacement parts.

MOTs & Servicing

A vital part of your vehicle maintenance programme is regular servicing, which should be carried out every 6 months or annually. Interim or full servicing can help to diagnose and prevent some major repair work, which could be particularly expensive. MOTs are also an important part of your road safety and a legal requirement. Every car that is over three years of age must have a yearly MOT test to prove the roadworthiness of their vehicle.

Diagnostic Services

Many vehicle owners choose to undergo an occasional diagnostic test to highlight certain faults that may otherwise go unnoticed. A number of cars have on-board Engine Control Units or ECUs, which flag up specific code that helps our reliable mechanics with expertise in diagnostics to determine a particular problem. Diagnostic testing can save motorists a lot of money, identifying issues that require extensive repair.

Tyre Repairs

There are a number of ways that the lifespan of your tyres can be elongated, regular maintenance and repair from a dedicated mechanic or tyre fitter is the most efficient way of making your tyres last longer. As well as maintenance works, our vehicle professionals can help you to repair or replace tyre blowouts, misaligned wheels, corroded alloys, tyres that have worn out treads or punctured tyres.


In addition to repair and replacement work, it is important that your car is maintained cosmetically via our valeting services. From car polishing and exterior waxing to touching up paintwork and steam cleaning interiors, our valeting experts use quality equipment for an unbeatable finish. Make your vehicle look almost brand new with a full, interior or exterior valet.