Second-Hand Car Prices at All-Time Low

The prices of used cars have taken a dip in November and December 2012 according to car advice website,  The average price for a second-hand car is currently £8,540 after suffering a 1.71% drop, meaning car owners can grab themselves a deal!

The Anti-Gravity Car

Ok so it’s only a toy, but this anti-gravity wall racing car means we are one step closer to a REAL flying car!

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Beat the Car Insurance Trap

During the past two years car insurance premiums have rocketed, especially for younger drivers. Most drivers saw a 25% increase and the rises are set to continue for the foreseeable future.

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Introducing the 2013 Mercedes E63 AMG

The reveal of this particular Mercedes model has been highly anticipated and the high performance E63 AMG will certainly not disappoint.

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Council Cashes in on Car Parking Charges

According to recent government figures, Nottingham City Council have made £2.3 million profit from their car parks alone this year. This profit was made from parking charges and fines last year.

Are Electric Cars Losing Their Spark?

A recent survey revealed that greener car models aren’t being brought into by the average motorist. The poll surveyed around 200 global motor industry leaders who concluded electric cars are losing their spark.

How to Insure a Classic Car

Finding the best priced car insurance for your vehicle is a tricky task at the best of times but what if you own a classic car…

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Hyundai Predicts Slow Down after Meteoric Growth

Hyundai has seen something of a meteoric growth in the last five years but the company have predicted that 2013 will be a little different. Bosses at the company expect to see sales in the UK stagger as they simply don’t have enough cars to sell!

Extreme Performance Vehicles of 2013

Some of the most exciting supercars we’ve even seen have been confirmed for 2013, presenting something of an extreme performance showdown in the next 12 months.

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Soaring Sales in Luxury Car Market

New car sales are at an all-time high, which according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) is helped by a sales boost in the luxury car market. For one luxury car maker, Jaguar Land Rover, sales rose by a fifth!