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Beat the Car Insurance Trap

During the past two years car insurance premiums have rocketed, especially for younger drivers. Most drivers saw a 25% increase and the rises are set to continue for the foreseeable future.

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Young Drivers Slash Premiums with Black Boxes

‘Pay how you drive’ car insurance is becoming a lifeline for many young drivers who simply cannot afford the high car insurance premiums. On average they can save around 25% a year with black box technology.

Mum… Dad…

According to a recent study, young drivers are turning to their parents for help with not only buying their first car, but covering the cost of their first insurance policy.

Mercedes Looking For Best Young Driver

Mercedes Benz are on the hunt for the best young driver in a competition that will reward the winners with VIP treatment and meeting celebrities.

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Young Drivers Warned About Drink Driving

Younger drivers have been warned about drink driving over the summer holidays as a survey done by AA/Populus has revealed that many of them plan on travelling more by car this summer. It said that 35% of 18-24 year olds intend to travel further this summer which according to the AA will be social trips that include alcohol.

Group Demands Training for Young Drivers

Former F1 driver Nigel Mansell has joined a chorus group which wants extra training for young drivers.


Insurance For Young Drivers Increases

Young drivers hoping to run a car in an affordable way may have to think things through…

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Young Drivers At Risk Early On

According to an AA/Populus survey, young drivers are more at risk of accidents during the first few months after passing their tests.

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