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City Car Concept Takes Engineering To The Next Level

Usually concept cars are outrageous and would never make it onto our roads, but the Ethos City Car is different. With low emission and hybrid drive train, the Lotus concept has everything the modern day car needs.

Play Name That Car

Think you’ve got the know-how and the automotive prowess to identify a vehicle from just a few clues…

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DB9 and Vantage To Be Restyled for 2013

Luxury car brand Aston Martin is bringing the year 2013 in with pure style by the sleekly restyling their DB9 and Vantage models. You can expect to see the revised models later next year.

The Making of the Citroen Survolt Concept Car

Concept cars are known for being beautifully crafted pieces of innovation, but how are they made? The manufacturers at Citroen show us how with the making of the Survolt…

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Who Needs A Bugatti Veyron!

This is the 1992 Honda Civic that thinks it’s a Bugatti; revising the design of your hatchback is as close as some of us will come to owning a £1million super car like the Veyron.

Travel In Style In a Ferrari Limo

At an astonishing 20 ft long, the Ferrari Limousine certainly embodies the sleek and stylish design it is known for in every inch. As well as seating 8 people, it still harnesses 400HP and does 0-60 in under six seconds.

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Move Over Bruce Wayne!

That’s what the new owner of the Batmobile will say  – with a highly publicised buy it now price of $620,000, surely someone has snapped up the replica beauty from the 1989 original Batman film?

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The Tales Of Off Duty Stig

Ever wondered what the Stig gets up to when he’s not busy racing expensive sports cars on Top Gear? Well according to these candid photos it’s all about relaxing.

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Jaguar E-Type Back For 50th Birthday

To mark celebrating the celebration of its 50th anniversary, the cult sports car is back with vengeance. Inspired by the effortlessly cool Jaguar E-Type, the Growler E will be on sale no earlier than autumn 2013.

Driverless Cars By 2020

If you’re anything like me, I’m powerfully intrigued by what the future holds for technology and innovation. ­­The vision for 2020, according to General Motors R&D, is self driving electric or hybrid vehicles.