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Are Electric Cars Losing Their Spark?

A recent survey revealed that greener car models aren’t being brought into by the average motorist. The poll surveyed around 200 global motor industry leaders who concluded electric cars are losing their spark.

Cut Your Repair Bills By a Third…

…with an electric car. Owning a super sustainable car not only saves money on fuel, but you also spend less on repairs too! An electric car repair bill is 35% less than a petrol or diesel car according to a recent study conducted by the Institute for Automotive Research (IFA).

Charge Point Installation Leaves Drivers Stumped

Northern Ireland is set to receive over 130 electric car charge points by March next year and there is around £2million worth of funding to introduce them, but will it really catch on?

The More Noise the Better!

To prevent accidents car makers have been told to make electric and hybrid cars louder. There has been a rise in accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists because these vehicles are so quiet.

Motor Trend Car of the Year

The Tesla Model S has made history by winning the 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year. It’s the first electric car to win the accolade, which has been up for grabs for the past 64 years!

Fuel of the Future?

Forget electric cars and hydrogen fuel cells, liquid air could be the fuel of the future according to The Economist.

Nissan to Sell Cheaper Leaf

Japanese car maker Nissan are planning to sell a cheaper version of their signature electric car. This comes after Nissan fell well short on their target for Leaf sales.

Who Said Electric Cars Aren’t Fast?

This modified Lotus Exige, which has aptly been named ‘Nemesis’, broke the electric car land speed record reaching a speed of 151mph.

Electric Cars Flop

Despite various government initiatives, the majority of UK drivers haven’t invested in an electric car, favouring its gas guzzling cousin instead. The Department of Transport have so far spent £11 million on plug-in car points.

Million Dollar Sustainability

Using the latest in high tech science and performance, boffins from Croatian car maker Rimac have created the world’s first million dollar electric car. The car, aptly called Concept One, also has 1,088 horsepower.