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Council Cashes in on Car Parking Charges

According to recent government figures, Nottingham City Council have made £2.3 million profit from their car parks alone this year. This profit was made from parking charges and fines last year.

Best Parking Ever

Think you can’t fit into that tight car parking space – well think again! Take a leaf out of this optimistic motorist’s book.

Would You Pay £36 for a 3 Hour Stay?

We always knew that London car parking prices are high but £36 for a car parking space for 3 hours – crazy! Parking in the capital rose by 12.5% last year, with this Knightsbridge parking being the most expensive.

Park Your Car… In Your Living Room!

There is certainly no need to worry about parking your supercar outside your home now. This 30-storey apartment complex in Singapore has the facilities to transport your car up to your home, so you can park up in your living room.

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Royal Wedding prompts no charges in Cotswold’s car park

Friday April 29th, the day of The Royal Wedding, has spawned another benefit for the people of the Cotswolds – all council owned parking will be free of charge.

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