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Paris to Ban Old Bangers

In just under two years classic cars, motorcycles and lorries are to be banned from Paris. The plans come in an effort to cut pollution in the French capital.

German Vs. French Cars

It’s been a long running battle between German and French car manufacturers, but who takes the lead in terms of efficiency?

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Scientists Say A Third Of A Vehicle’s Fuel Used To Combat Friction

According to a recent study, at least a third of a car’s fuel consumption can be attributed to the vehicle attempting to overcome friction. Overcoming such friction could have a significant impact on making cars more fuel efficient.

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Another Tough Year Ahead For Car Sales

In 2011 UK car registrations fell to 1.94 million, a 4.4% drop and the lowest number of registrations in more than 10 years, according to the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders). This December saw a continued drop of 3.7% in demand for new cars in comparison to December 2010.

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UK Drivers Use Their Vehicles Less Amidst Rising Fuel Costs

Due to increasing fuel costs, almost a quarter of motorists are putting a limit on what they spend when it comes to filling up their cars. Read on…