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French Car Sales Add to Economy Collapse

It’s not looking good for the French as their industrial woes deepened further. Car sales have dramatically crashed raising concerns about the impact this will have on the economic crisis.

Paris to Ban Old Bangers

In just under two years classic cars, motorcycles and lorries are to be banned from Paris. The plans come in an effort to cut pollution in the French capital.

French Law Orders Breathalyser Kits

After months of talks, a new law has come into force in France meaning that all drivers must carry a breathalyser kit in their vehicle or receive an on the spot fine.

Driving Abroad Could Cost You

The price of fuel is a concern for many drivers, but motorists that are crossing the Channel this summer could find it a bigger concern than others. France, Italy and Spain currently have the highest fuel prices.

One-off Porcelain Buggati Veyron Makes An Appearance

Car owner was brave enough to park his one-off porcelain Bugatti Veyron on a busy Paris street. Worth an astonishing £1.6million, the owner must have nerves of steel to drive this unique model.

Drivers To Carry Breathalyser Whilst In France

policeA new French law now requires tourists to carry a small single-use portable breathalyser or risk being fined £9. The act, that is due to go into effect in June, has attracted criticism from leading car associations.

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Take A Trip Across The Channel For The Paris Motor Show 2012

paris motor 2010The biggest automobile and motorcycle trade show in France is well worth a visit whether you’re a car enthusiast or industry professional.The Paris Motor Show, which takes place at the capital’s Porte De Versailles, is a must-see for the latest products, technology and trends.

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