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The Anti-Gravity Car

Ok so it’s only a toy, but this anti-gravity wall racing car means we are one step closer to a REAL flying car!

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The $2.7million Lamborghini Toy

This crazy inventor spent 500 hours and $2.7 million to create a Lamborghini Aventador toy. The toy uses all the exotic materials that the full size version does and is a 1/8 scale version.

Build your Dream Car

Most of us can’t afford our dream cars so why not build your own? Use paper cut outs of your favourite car models and make your own ‘undrivable’ version.

Scalextric World Championships 2012 Coming Soon

Calling all racers! Your moment of glory may come sooner than you think, Scalextric have announced that details of their 2012 world championships are coming soon.

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