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Extreme Performance Vehicles of 2013

Some of the most exciting supercars we’ve even seen have been confirmed for 2013, presenting something of an extreme performance showdown in the next 12 months.

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Eco-Friendly Lambo?

We never thought we’d hear eco-friendly and Lamborghini in the same sentence! The luxury car maker will not however be developing a hybrid like its rivals, Porsche and Ferrari, instead they will work on lowering carbon emissions.

Lamborghini Is Feeling Wooden

This is a Lamborghini getting the wood work treatment and with great result.

Beautiful Lamborghini Lineup

The British based super car dealer, Amari, has put on a show which sports car lovers would love to see. At their warehouse a collection of  Murcielago, Gallardo, Superleggera  and Spyder variants were put on display for the all to see.

Fireball Lambo

This Lamborghini Gallardo may look like something out of a video game but this supercar model has been custom made to belch out blue fireballs.

The $2.7million Lamborghini Toy

This crazy inventor spent 500 hours and $2.7 million to create a Lamborghini Aventador toy. The toy uses all the exotic materials that the full size version does and is a 1/8 scale version.

How Do Our Super Cars Fare In the Real World?

Although most of our super cars are tested on the best tracks in the world, The Telegraph have decided that’s not good enough!

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Honed for the Track

The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is a vehicle destined only for track use, made of carbon-fibre the concept car is light and agile. Only 20 cars have been produced, all of which have been brought.

The Most Embarrassing Lamborghini Crash Ever!

We think of super car drivers as suave and super cool, clearly the driver of this Lamborghini didn’t get that memo as he becomes involved in a terribly embarrassing and very unnecessary crash.

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DIY Extreme: Build Your Own Lambo

If you can’t afford a Lamborghini (like most people), why not build your own like this man did! Starting with a wooden base, the finished product, complete with gull wing doors, is practically unrecognisable.

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