MOTs in Lower Hardres

Checks for tyres in Lower Hardres MOT tests

Amongst other elements, tyres will be checked for the correct type and structure, paying attention to the aspect ratio and the nominal size, so that ride height is not dramatically affected. The tyre type will also be noted to see whether tyres are radial-ply, cross ply or bias belted. Steel or fabric can make up Radial-ply tyres.

The wall of the tyres should also outline the sizing information, and generally is accompanied with a load index, ply rating and the speed symbol. Tyre depth must be a minimum of 1.6mm continuously around the tyre and encompassing the central three quarters of the surface of the tyre. In addition, tyres cannot have any tears or bulges or have any of the cords showing as otherwise the MOT criteria may not be met unless sufficient tyre replacements take place.

For further MOT advice, speak to a garage in Lower Hardres.

Lower Hardres car visibility, lighting and mirror checks

In order to ensure vehicle safety, visibility should be maintained to a high level. Therefore windscreen wipers failing to remove debris, damaged wing mirrors or horns that are inaudible, can mean that your vehicle fails to meet the prescribed criteria.

All vehicles must feature at least two mirrors to enable clear visibility of vehicles behind the car. In addition, lights should be clear and working, with headlights requiring white or yellow bulbs, and colours must match.

Switches which operate indicators, headlights and rear lights must be able to react immediately. Main beam lights must also operate correctly, and switch to dipped beam lights to avoid blinding oncoming vehicles with dazzle.

Alfa romeo problems preventing MOT passes can be fixed by Lower Hardres garages.

Lower Hardres fuel intake and exhaust testing

Car fuel and exhaust systems should be checked for any holes and to make sure that all systems are operating efficiently. When the exhaust system is due for an examination, components such as air filters will be checked, to look for any parts that might be missing or parts that could have deteriorated which can be caused by salts in grit on the roads in winter. Exhausts with silencers that create unusually high noise levels are highly possible to fail a MOT in Lower Hardres.

As well as these factors, excess fuel emissions can result in a failed MOT test if levels of carbon dioxide, hydrogen and lambda are considered too high. Faulty oxygen sensors will be responsible for emission failures and catalytic converter damage due to unburnt fuel having to pass through the exhaust pipe.

Your vehicle needs MOTs in Lower Hardres because:

As time goes by, vehicles develop problems so system and component testing is one way of making sure road safety levels are higher. Resultantly, the person in the driving seat, as well as others using the road, are less likely to present a hazard as a vehicle.

If you wish to have your car legally road worthy, it must have passed MOT guidelines. The MOT database can be accessed by the police so can tell if cars do not have a MOT.

A MOT only checks condition of tested features at the point where Lower Hardres MOT testing is being carried out, and does not represent the overall condition of the car. If you're driving a vehicle without a MOT you are liable to be prosecuted unless your circumstances exempt you from the rule.