Timing Belts in Lower Hardres

What is the function of a timing belt?

Cam belts are rubber belts that are able to control the timing of valves in engines.

The engine valves in a vehicle are required to open and close a pre-set number of times and a cam belt is responsible for this happening.

The teeth of a timing belt are attentively designed so that they can deliver maximum efficiency for their engine.

These teeth are used to turn the vehicle's cam shaft and makes sure that it remains synchronised with the crankshaft.

The camshaft will need to turn half as fast as the engine's crankshaft, and the cam belt ensures this happens.

If this is stopped for any reason, then the engine will not function correctly which will result in your engine being damaged.

Causes of such engine damage can include your engine's valves remaining open when they shouldn't be causing them to be stuck by the engine's pistons.

Lower Hardres mechanics can perform work on timing belts

If you wish to have jobs done on your vehicle's cam belt you will have to locate a mechanic in Lower Hardres.

You can do this by using RepairACar to find a mechanic in Lower Hardres to undertake work on your vehicle's cam belt.

Any number of cam belt jobs can be carried out by our approved Lower Hardres mechanics.

If you think that you have a damaged timing belt they are able to check your timing belt.

If it is that there is a problem with your cam belt repairs can be done by the Lower Hardres timing belt experts we have or you can have your cam belt replaced should this not be possible.

Perhaps you need to have your cam belt tightened, or it may even need to be loosened as it is too tight.

Every so often you may need to have your cam belt realigned.

It may be that you need to have your cam belt synchronised with your crankshaft, or maybe you need to have your cam belt and water pump replaced, timing belt specialists in Lower Hardres can be utilised by calling upon RepairACar.

The results of failing to act on timing belt issues

Failure to recognise when a timing belt is damaged, or even worse; a failure to do anything when it is can have disastrous consequences for your engine. Should you Hyundai vehicle have an interference engine failure to act upon a cam belt that is damaged will spell disaster.

If your timing belt snaps completely the car will not run, but if the belt continues to run impaired your engine could be damaged beyond repair without your knowledge. When the cam belt is damaged the valves and pistons in your car's engine will hit into one another potentially causing your valve guides to become cracked.

The valve guides in the engine of your vehicle may also bend which can cost a considerable amount to have fixed. You might even end up with a broken camshaft.

Should you be having any difficulties with your cam belt utilise RepairACar to find a timing belt specialist in Lower Hardres.

Cam belt problems

Issues with timing belts are one of the main reasons for car's breaking down. A number of potential problems can arise with timing belts and significant damage can be avoided if you can identify them sooner or later.

The worst case scenario is your cam belt snapping completely, and this can be caused by a number of issues. Timing belts can become over stretched which will lead to them squeaking noisily.

Should your cam belt start to loose teeth the cam shaft cannot be turned. Should the cam belt be misaligned the cam shaft will not be able to turn.

Cam belts can be damaged as a result of oil exposure causing the belt to change in size, meaning that it cannot effectively function. A vehicles timing belt will sometimes get loose with them ending up slid out of position.

Cam belts can sometimes break after becoming corroded.