MOTs in Potter Heigham

MOT tests in Potter Heigham covering wheels and tyres

Tyres will be checked to ensure structure and type are correct, paying attention to the aspect ratio and the nominal size, so that ride height is not dramatically affected. The tyre type will also be noted to assess whether they are radial-ply, bias belted or cross ply.

Radial-ply tyres can also be either steel or fabric construction. The tyre wall also has to display the tyre size information, also tending to feature the ply rating, speed symbol and load index.

Tyre depth must be a minimum of 1.6mm following around the tyre consistently around the outside and covering the central three quarters of the tyre surface. In addition, tyres should not bear any tears or bulges or display any exposed cords as otherwise the vehicle may not pass the MOT unless tyres in question have been replaced.

MOT advice can be provided by Potter Heigham garages.

Why you need a Potter Heigham MOT for your car

The state of repair of vehicles worsens over time so checking car components is important to maintain road safety. Resultantly, the person in the driving seat, as well as others using the road, are less likely to be involved in an accident with a vehicle.

If you wish to have your car legally road worthy, it must have passed MOT guidelines. A database of MOTs are accessible by the police who will be able to recognise which car's haven't passed a MOT.

A MOT test will just inspect the condition of components when the actual MOT testing in Potter Heigham is being carried out, and is not representative of the overall condition of the car. If you have been driving a vehicle without a MOT certificate then your actions may result in prosecution, but there are some exceptions to the rule.

Potter Heigham testing of fuel systems and emissions levels

Fuel and exhaust systems should be checked for excessive fume emissions and to make sure that all operations are running smoothly. When the exhaust system is being examined, assemblies such as flanges will be examined, to look for faulty parts or blockages or aspects that could have been corroded resulting from exposure to water. Exhausts with excessive corrosion are highly likely to fail a Potter Heigham MOT.

Further to this, waste emission gases can result in MOT failure if lambda, hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide levels are too high. Damaged lambda or oxygen sensors can be responsible for damage to catalytic converters and emissions failures resulting from amounts of unburnt fuel passing through the exhaust pipe.

Checking vehicle visibility and lights in Potter Heigham

In order to drive safely and to legal requirements, visibility should be maintained to a high level. Therefore windscreens with wiper marks across the driver's vision, cracked or broken wing mirrors or faulty horns, can mean that your vehicle fails its test. Vehicles must have at least two mirrors to ensure that the driver is aware of vehicles behind them.

In addition, lights should be clear and working, with headlights requiring white or yellow bulbs, of which colours must be matching. Switches to operate indicators, headlights and rear lights must be present and not have delayed operation. Main beam lights must also turn on and off accordingly, and switch to dipped beam lights to avoid blinding oncoming vehicles with dazzle.

Garages in Potter Heigham can complete testing and repairs on your Hyundai vehicle.