MOTs in Martham

Martham tests for tyres and wheels in MOTs

Amongst other elements, tyres will be checked for the correct type and structure, including assessment of the aspect ratio, which if between 80% and 82% is sufficient, thus making sure wheels on the same axle match. The type of tyre structure will also be looked at to see whether tyres are radial-ply, cross ply or bias belted.

Tyres that are radial-ply can be fabric or steel construction. The wall of the tyres should also outline the sizing information, and usually includes the load index, ply rating and speed symbol.

Tyre depth has to be a minimum amount of 1.6mm around the whole tyre and covering the central three quarters of the tyre surface. In addition tyres should be free of any cuts or punctures or expose any cords as otherwise there is a possibility that it will not pass the MOT test unless the damaged tyres are replaced.

MOT advice can be provided by Martham garages.

Checks made on braking systems in Martham

Brakes provide vehicle safety, resulting in strict test requirements for Isuzu brakes in MOT tests. Road brakes will slow and stop cars that are moving, whilst parking brakes or hand brakes hold the car if stationary on a hill or when parked. Brake performance assessments are carried out which ascertain brake efficiency, conducted through the use of roller brake testing equipment and by doing gradient tests.

Brake parts are examined to check that there are not parts leaking, there isn't any noise caused by vibration in flexible hoses, rigid pipes are not kinked or being fouled by other components, and that reservoirs on air and vacuum brakes have no damage or cracks and are secure. If you're concerned about Porsche brake performance, don't leave it until your next MOT to speak to a Martham garage.

Martham car visibility, lighting and mirror checks

In order to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers, visibility should be kept to an optimum. Therefore windscreen wipers leaving marks across the windscreen, broken or missing wing mirrors or horns need replacing, can be responsible for MOT failures. All vehicles should have at least two mirrors to enable vehicles behind the car to be seen whilst driving.

In addition, lights should be clear and working, with bulbs of a white or yellow light for headlights, ensuring that these are of matching colour. Switches which operate indicators, headlights and rear lights must be able to react immediately. Main beam lights must also turn on and off promptly, turning to dipped lights to prevent dazzle to approaching vehicles.

Any MOT failures can be checked by Martham garages.

Your vehicle needs MOTs in Martham because:

Over time, vehicle quality and repair state gets worse so ensuring the components meet certain minimum standards is important to maintain road safety. This makes sure that the vehicle driver, in addition to pedestrians and road users, are at less risk from problems with Isuzu vehicles.

If you wish to have your car legally road worthy, it must have passed a MOT test. Police have access to the central MOT database who will be able to recognise which car's haven't passed a MOT.

The MOT only takes into account the components’ condition at the time when MOT testing in Martham is completed, and does not relate to the general condition of the car mechanically. If you persist in driving a vehicle that does not have a MOT then your actions may result in prosecution, but there are some exceptions to the rule.