MOTs in Whatlington

Whatlington fuel intake and exhaust testing

Fuel and exhaust systems need to be checked to ensure there are no leaks and to make sure that all systems are operating efficiently. When the exhaust system is being checked, components such as the back box, mountings and silencers are checked, to look for faulty parts or blockages or parts that could have deteriorated which can be caused by elements such as water or salt. Exhausts with excessive corrosion are highly likely to fail a Whatlington MOT.

In addition, the amount of waste emissions gases can also result in a failed MOT test if lambda, hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide levels are too high. If oxygen or lambda sensors are ineffective for failed catalytic converters and emission failures due to fuel having not been burnt and passing through the exhaust pipe.

Checks made on wheels and tyres in Whatlington

Tyres will be checked to ensure structure and type are correct, paying attention to the aspect ratio and the nominal size, attempting to maintain a similar diameter so that the drive train is not affected. The type of tyre that has been used will also be examined to determine whether they are cross ply, bias belted or radial-ply.

Radial-ply tyres can comprise of either steel or fabric. The tyre walls should also detail their sizes, and generally is accompanied with a load index, ply rating and the speed symbol.

Tyres should have a depth of 1.6mm following around the tyre consistently around the outside and should cover the central three quarters of the rubber surface. Further to these regulations, tyres should be free of damage or display any exposed cords otherwise the vehicle will fail the MOT unless sufficient tyre replacements take place.

MOT advice can be provided by Whatlington garages.

How MOT tests are done in Whatlington

When you need to book your Bentley car in for its MOT, it is important that you find a reliable local Whatlington mechanic. Approved MOT stations have the blue triangle logo on show, and the garage should also have a MOT cost sign stating the highest price of the test.

You can usually watch your vehicle being tested by the registered tester in Whatlington, though the majority of people drop off their MG car in the designated bay and collect it from the forecourt later following completion of any repairs and the MOT certificate has been issued. Paper copies of the MOT certificate are given to the owner, however electronic records are also held in a central computer database.

If your certificate gets damaged or lost, you can get a replacement from any test station. If you obtain your road tax at your local post office, a hard copy of the MOT certificate will be needed.

Whatlington brake assessments

Brakes are one of the most important safety measures on cars, and MOT tests therefore check brakes on Volkswagen and Hyundai cars to make sure they're effective. Moving cars are slowed and stopped by road brakes or service brakes, whilst the hand brake keeps the car secure if stopped in traffic or parked.

Assessments of brake performance are completed to determine efficiency of brakes, completed by putting cars on roller brake machines and undertaking gradient tests. Brakes are inspected to check that the following aren't a problem: leaks from parts, no vibrations from hoses or pipes, rigid pipes are not affected by chafing, kinks or fouling from friction off other items and that reservoirs on air and vacuum brakes are secure and damage free.

If you're concerned about Subaru brake performance, don't leave it until your next MOT before speaking with a garage in Whatlington.

Reasons for Whatlington vehicle MOTing

Cars deteriorate over time so system and component testing is a method of increasing safety on the roads.

Because of this, the driver and any passengers, as well as other road occupants, are less likely to be involved in an accident with a vehicle.

In order to tax and insure a car, it must have passed a MOT test.

It may surprise you that a database of MOTs are accessible by the police who will be able to recognise which car's haven't passed a MOT.

The MOT test just assesses the specified components’ condition at the time when Whatlington MOT testing is conducted, and does not represent the overall condition of the car.

If you persist in driving a vehicle that does not have a MOT then your actions may result in prosecution, but there are some exceptions to the rule.