Timing Belts in Whatlington

Definition of a cam belt

A cam belt provides a connection for the crank and camshaft of a vehicle's engine. It has teeth running it's length that vary in shape depending on the sort of belt that is in your vehicle. Round teeth will be found of newer models of cam belt, whereas shaper teeth can be found on older belts.

Cam belts will be often made out of rubber and are then strengthened by materials such as fibreglass to ensure that they are able to last longer. Modern timing belts are made out of highly resistant materials like HSN so that they are better equipped to cope with high engine temperatures. Modern cam belts are not as wide as there predecessors in order to decrease weight and friction subsequently.

What is the function of a timing belt?

Cam belts can be found within the engine of your car that will control the timing of a car's engine valves.

Engine valves open and close a specific number of times and the cam belt ensures that this happens correctly.

The teeth on a cam belt are specifically designed to perform effectively for the intended engine.

The teeth turn the cam shaft in sync with the crankshaft.

The cam shaft turns half as fast as the crankshaft of the engine, enabled by the timing belt.

Should this be prevented from happening the engine will not run properly which will result in your engine being damaged.

Examples of such problems can be your engine's valves remaining open when they shouldn't be leading to them become stuck by the pistons.

Timing belt jobs for Whatlington mechanics

Should you need to have cam belt work done a mechanic in Whatlington will need to be located. Utilising RepairACar will enable you to find mechanic firms in Whatlington to carry out work on your timing belt.

All manner of cam belt work can be undertaken by our mechanics in Whatlington. If you think that your cam belt may be broken they can be used to carry out a timing belt inspection.

Should there be an issue with your timing belt repairs can be done by the Whatlington timing belt experts we have or if this is not viable, they can undertake a timing belt replacement. Timing belts may need to be tightened from time to time, or it could be that you need to have it loosened as it is running too tightly.

From time to time cam belts will also need to be realigned. Be it the synchronisation of your crankshaft and timing belt, or it could be that you wish to have your cam belt and water pump replaced together, no matter what you requirements RepairACar can be called upon to find Whatlington timing belt specialists.