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What a Specimen!

Introducing the A Class concept vehicle produced by luxury car maker Mercedes Benz. This model is super sleek and is finished to a beautiful and detailed standard.

Ladies Only!

Many women drivers feel they are taken for a ride by unhelpful mechanics when their go in for car repair or maintenance. That’s where Foxy Lady Drivers Club can help, they are a network offering support and vehicle advice to female motorists.

Now for the Safest…

So earlier today we brought you the top 10 most dangerous vehicles, now we introduce the safest cars on the market. These have a low or even zero driver death score and most are SUVs but it is an unlikely model that tops the chart.

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The World’s Most Dangerous Vehicles

When most of us buy a car safety is of utmost importance. A recent survey has revealed the world’s most dangerous vehicles to give you a heads up, these vehicles are responsible for the most road deaths.

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Competitive, me?

You know you’re competitive when you place this sticker on your wing mirror. Slow and steady certainly doesn’t win the race!

Radical New Anti-Traffic Plan

Imagine a town with no traffic lights, signs or pedestrian crossings, the town of Bohmte in Germany has taken on this radical approach to tackle traffic…

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Rare Collection Tipped for Big Things

A car collection owned by Britain’s most famous watchmaker, could sell for around £8 million. The fleet of seven rare classics was owned by the late George Daniels will be auctioned this Friday.

Thrill Seeking Coach Trip

Take this exhilarating ride at the Daimler test track in Germany. The touring coach takes on a vertical curve at 60mph, taking its passengers on the ride of their life!

What Traffic Jam?

Ford has revealed their vision for the future and it concerns a driver’s favourite subject – traffic! The car maker want to manufacture vehicle technology that steers itself through congestion so all motorists can have a stress-free journey.

The Ultra Economic Tesla

The co-founder of Paypal has unveiled his new creation as he branches into the sustainable motoring market. The Tesla Model S is electric, faster than a BMW and can travel 300 miles on a top up of just £6.40.