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Luxury Car Maker Moves into Armoured Market

Bentley are known more for their luxurious interiors, not for their robust exteriors! But the Brit car maker is considering launching an armoured plated range, which could see this EXP 9 F concept go into full production.

Rise in Used Car Complaints

According to the Citizens Advice Bureau, used car grievances top their list for the most complained about community issues. Of the 150,000 calls they received in the last three months, 8% were about used cars from dealers.

Taking People for a Ride?

With money tight at the moment, many are taking to the roads this summer to get away on holiday. Most are renting cars but are these hire companies taking people for a ride?

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The World’s Safest Car

The new model from Volvo is officially the safest car in the world. The V40 has received the highest score from Euro NCAP crash safety.

Toyota Gets Bolder and Sleeker

The Japanese car maker has gone back to the drawing board with their signature family car. The new Toyota Auris will be officially revealed at next month’s Paris Motor Show.

Mum… Dad…

According to a recent study, young drivers are turning to their parents for help with not only buying their first car, but covering the cost of their first insurance policy.

Truth or Myth?

The gear stick is a mystery to many but there are a number of myths that surround this essential car component…

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Road Safety Gone Mad…

Road safety is considered in the making of all car models today but what about in the 1920’s? This ‘safety net’ was implemented into many classic cars to reduce the number of road casualties.

One Million Miles in Just Four Cars

Owning just four cars since 1990, car owner and businessman Geoff Barley from Birmingham has clocked up an amazing million miles. I wonder how much he spent on petrol!

The Fast and The Furious

We here at RepairACar love our supercars, but what are the fastest and most furious road models on the market today?

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