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Car Insurers Leave Motorists Out of Pocket

A number of UK car insurers face a government probe after evidence was found showing that they deliberately push up premiums. This could leave drivers £225million out of pocket every year.

Cheapest Cars to Own

With car insurance premiums at an all time high, the cheapest cars to own are revealed. It’s not just the price of the car that is considered, we look at the insurance, tax and overall maintenance costs involved in car ownership.

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Big Car Insurance Increases in the New Year

From 21st December an EU ruling will come into place meaning men and women will be equal in terms of car insurance, signalling huge increases for women drivers. A recent report revealed that men pay up to 41% more for their car insurance at the moment.

Car Modification Bumps Up Premiums

If you are looking for ways to save on your car insurance, don’t modify your vehicle! According to a recent survey by, even simple changes like adding alloys could raise your premium by up to 66%.