Timing Belts in Hooe

Cam belt problems

Problems with your vehicle's cam belt are one of the main causes of car's breaking down. Timing belts can be hit with a number of issues and if you know how to spot them you can avoid suffering a break down. Having your cam belt snap is the worst possible problem, and this can be caused by a number of issues.

Cam belts can become too tight resulting in them emitting loud squeaking noises. If your timing belt looses some or all of it's teeth there will be no way to turn the cam shaft. Should the cam belt be misaligned the cam shaft will not be able to turn.

Timing belts can also become damaged by oil being compressed into the belt causing the belt to change in size, meaning that it cannot effectively function. Timing belts can also become slack resulting in them slipping out of their desired position. Cam belts can sometimes break after becoming corroded.

Hooe mechanic firms can carry out work on cam belts

For any sort of work regarding timing belts Hooe mechanics will need to be located. RepairACar can be used to source registered Hooe mechanics to work on the timing belt of your vehicle.

All manner of cam belt work can be undertaken by our mechanics in Hooe. If you think that your cam belt may be broken they can be used to carry out a timing belt inspection.

Should there be an issue with your timing belt our Hooe timing belt specialists are able to repair it, or if this is not a possibility, they can run through a replacement of your cam belt. It might be that you need to have your timing belt tightened, or it may even need to be loosened as it is too tight.

It could be that you need to have a realigning of your cam belt. Maybe your crankshaft and cam belt need to be synchronised, or your timing belt and vehicle water pump replaced simultaneously, you can locate Hooe timing belt specialists when you visit RepairACar.

What cam belts are

Timing belts provide a connection between the crankshaft of an engine and its camshaft. It has teeth running it's length that vary in shape depending on the sort of belt your vehicle has. Timing belts that are new will have rounded teeth, whereas shaper teeth can be found on older belts.

Cam belts are constructed from rubber and are then strengthened with materials like kevlar to ensure that they have a longer life. Cam belts made recently tend to be made from resistant materials like HSN so that they are not damaged by high temperatures in engines. Recently made cam belts are manufactured much thinner so as to lessen their weight, to generate less friction.

What role does a timing belt play?

Cam belts are rubber belts that control the timing of a vehicle's engine valves. The engine valves in a vehicle are required to open and close a pre-set number of times and a cam belt is responsible for this happening. The teeth on a cam belt are specifically designed so that they can deliver maximum efficiency for their engine.

These teeth turn the cam shaft of the engine ad keep it in sync with the crankshaft. The camshaft rotates at exact half the speed as the crankshaft of the engine, enabled by the timing belt. If this does not happen your engine will not operate correctly which will lead to serious engine damage.

Causes of such engine damage can include your engine's valves remaining open when they shouldn't be resulting in them being blocked by the pistons of the engine.