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Driverless Car Coming to a Road Near You?

Although many of us thought that Google’s driverless car was an April Fools, it is very must a reality and is being brought to roads across California. The computer controlled cars have been tested for several years and plans for driverless motoring are finally coming to fruition.

Crazy Off-Roaders!

Off-road trucks are just getting better and better with these amazing vehicles making mincemeat of any terrain. This Ford F250 is called ‘Big Foot’ and you’ll see from the pictures why!

Who Said Electric Cars Aren’t Fast?

This modified Lotus Exige, which has aptly been named ‘Nemesis’, broke the electric car land speed record reaching a speed of 151mph.

Most Expensive Cars in the World!

We all have our list of ridiculously expensive must-have supercars, which we will of course whip out if we win the lotto!

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Least Reliable Used Cars

Buying a used car is always a risk, but statistically what are the worst used cars in Europe?

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The Future Looks Bright for UK Car Production

The car manufacturing industry in the UK is set to boom with an estimated 2.2 million cars to be produced annually by 2016.

Toyota Won’t Launch Minicar Worldwide

Japanese car maker Toyota have recently announced that they will not launch their new all-electric minicar worldwide. They will only release 100 eQ vehicles across Japan and the USA.

Cheapest Cars to Own

With car insurance premiums at an all time high, the cheapest cars to own are revealed. It’s not just the price of the car that is considered, we look at the insurance, tax and overall maintenance costs involved in car ownership.

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Is a Bird, is it a Plane…

No, it’s a flying car, and a real one this time! This concept vehicle, created by PAL-V, transforms from a land car to a micro helicopter.

Electric Cars Flop

Despite various government initiatives, the majority of UK drivers haven’t invested in an electric car, favouring its gas guzzling cousin instead. The Department of Transport have so far spent £11 million on plug-in car points.