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Are Electric Cars Losing Their Spark?

A recent survey revealed that greener car models aren’t being brought into by the average motorist. The poll surveyed around 200 global motor industry leaders who concluded electric cars are losing their spark.

Cash Strapped Motorists Not Getting Cars Repaired

With the price of running a car at an all time high, it’s no surprise that motorists everywhere are looking for ways to save money. According to a recent survey from Trend Tracker, a smaller number of motorists are having their cars repaired, whilst the annual mileage has also dropped.

More Extremes to Cut Fuel Bills

Commuters have took to sleeping in their vehicles overnight in a bid to save money on their fuel bills. According to the RAC and FairFuelUK, 1 in 16 commuters have slept in their cars to reduce the drives to work.

Car Running Fees Cost UK Motorists Dear

A recent survey revealed that Brits spend more on running their cars than they do on their children! The study showed that the average running costs (including tax, insurance, petrol and maintenance) came to £88.50 per person, per month, equating to £2.5 billion for the whole of the UK per year.

Fancy paying up to £13k in Repairs?

According to Warranty Direct, owners of performance or prestige vehicles shell out around £13,000 for repairs. That’s twice as much as the average car owner.