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Are Electric Cars Losing Their Spark?

A recent survey revealed that greener car models aren’t being brought into by the average motorist. The poll surveyed around 200 global motor industry leaders who concluded electric cars are losing their spark.

Nissan to Sell Cheaper Leaf

Japanese car maker Nissan are planning to sell a cheaper version of their signature electric car. This comes after Nissan fell well short on their target for Leaf sales.

100% Electric Nissan Leaf Is Leader Of The Pack

The Nissan Leaf is still proving popular as a leading innovation in sustainable motoring. The Leaf, which recently scooped up the prestigious award  of ‘World Car of the Year’, is low cost and cutting edge technically.

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Replacement Batteries for Nissan Leaf Valued at £19k

nissan leafIt has been reported that it could cost owners up to £19,000 to replace the battery in their electric car. The new battery for the Nissan Leaf cost more than double than that of past estimations. The Times has discovered these figures that regard the world’s top selling electric car.

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